Advocating for Families

Advocating for Individual Families

Advocating for families is at the core of the SUDC Foundation's mission. At a time of chaos, the Foundation is here to:

  • Provide accurate information to those bereaved about the investigation process and beyond 
  • Provide communication assistance among families and their investigative and clinical professionals
  • Pursue appropriate mental health support services
  • Assist professionals with information and resources to support a comprehensive investigation
  • Provide research opportunities to those interested
  • and assist the family with their unique specific requests (ex: " Do you know how I can get my child's blanket back?" 

Family advocacy is always geared to the specific needs of each family given their specific circumstances. To learn more, contact the SUDC Foundation today.

To learn more about all the no costs services that the SUDC Foundation provides, go here.

Advocating for SUDC Standards and Policies

The SUDC Foundation's Co-founder, President and Executive Director, Laura Crandall, advocates for SUDC and all families by her efforts in the below organizations and national efforts to support comprehensive and standardized investigations, the compassionate care of families and crucial research to better understand and prevent sudden deaths in children.

National Commission on Forensic Science (NCFS)

National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME)

Organization of Scientific Area Committees For Forensic Science (OSAC)

North American SUDEP Registry

Sudden Death In The Young Registry (SDY)