Ambassador Program Overview

The SUDC Foundation Ambassador Program was created to empower SUDC families and other members of the SUDC community to promote awareness of SUDC and support the mission of the SUDC Foundation. We hope the program will also help to:

  • Leverage our growing community worldwide
  • Create an army of advocates to support the organization
  • Show the many faces and voices of SUDC
  • Support consistent messaging for SUDC to strengthen our ability to raise awareness
  • Allow the SUDC Foundation to participate in more outreach efforts
  • Improve local awareness efforts
  • Strengthen connections among the SUDC community
  • Assist SUDC Foundation volunteers already performing similar duties


  • Being a registered member of the SUDC Foundation and going through the appropriate application and training process to be an SUDC Foundation Ambassador
  • Understanding the mission and work of the SUDC Foundation
  • Understanding and showing a willingness to speak using the SUDC Foundation’s Key Messages
  • Being willing to participate in advancing the SUDC Foundation’s outreach efforts and participate in regular contact with members of the SUDC Foundation staff
  • Coordinating with the SUDC Foundation to ensure you have the most current and accurate information regarding SUDC and the work of the Foundation
  • Wearing branded SUDC Foundation apparel, wearing SUDC Ambassador badges and including SUDC Ambassador signatures in electronic communication
  • Participating in SUDC Foundation-led Ambassador training and virtual events
  • Performing a minimum of two SUDC Foundation Ambassador functions per year (requirements may vary based on specific program)
  • Committing to be in the program for at least one year (requirements may vary based on specific program)
  • Providing information regularly on your participation, as well as providing feedback annually on the overall program, including ideas for improvement


The SUDC Foundation offers various opportunities to be an SUDC Foundation Ambassador, based on individual interests and skill sets. These opportunities include:

Fundraiser Host Ambassador: Host fundraisers to raise funds for the SUDC Foundation

Family Gathering Host Ambassador: Host gatherings of other SUDC families that live in your area or region

Information Table Host Ambassador: Represent the SUDC Foundation at an event or conference by setting up a table with information on SUDC and the SUDC Foundation

Media Spokesperson Ambassador: Speaks on behalf of the Foundation to the media

Event Representative Ambassador: Asked to represent the SUDC Foundation at an event or conference

Social Media Advocate Ambassador: Help raise awareness of SUDC and promote the work of the Foundation using social media

Peer Support Volunteer Ambassador: A family member of a child lost to SUDC, who is at least 18 months removed from his or her loss, and trained to provide ongoing individual support to a newly-bereaved SUDC family member

Medical Speakers Bureau Ambassador: Provides medical presentations on SUDC and the work of the Foundation (2 year commitment)

General Speakers Bureau Ambassador: Provides presentations on SUDC and the work of the Foundation (2 year commitment)

Policy Advocate Ambassador: Conduct outreach and education to policymakers on SUDC and the work of the Foundation (2 year commitment)

*Ambassadors may participate in more than one program at a time, but each program has a different level of preparation and time commitment involved, so please consider that before committing to more than one program. Some programs naturally fit together. For example, if you would like to host an event, but also plan to invite members of the media, you should participate in both the Fundraiser Host Ambassador Program and the Media Spokesperson Ambassador Program.


Anyone interested in becoming an Ambassador for the SUDC Foundation will submit an application which will be reviewed to help place all Ambassadors in the program that is best for him/her.


All Ambassadors will be asked to complete a messaging training as well as program-specific trainings (such as the Social Media Advocate, Public Policy Advocate and Media Spokesperson Ambassadors), which will all be offered via webinar.


By the end of the initial Ambassador recruitment process, the SUDC Foundation will have recruited and trained 66 ambassadors in 50% of U.S. states, 50% of Canadian provinces and 50% of countries where registered families reside. The long-term goals of the Ambassador Program would be to have at Ambassadors in 100% of U.S. states, 100% of Canadian provinces and in each country where registered families reside.