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About the SUDC Banner Project

The SUDC Foundation Banner Project was created to raise awareness of sudden unexpected death in childhood. We gratefully acknowledge the creative design of the banner to our friends at itsthewatsons ( and thank them for this moving tribute to children gone too soon. We hope our banner will improve awareness of this little understood tragedy, engage community advocacy efforts, and help lead to our greater understanding and prevention of SUDC. Hosts of the Banner share their experience through the blog below. Please bookmark this page and come back regularly to follow the travels of the SUDC banner around the world!

Harrison, NY, United States

Harrison, NY, United States
During our week with the banner, we hung it in front of our house.  We live on the main street of our town in Harrison, NY, about 20 miles outside of NYC.  When traffic built up during rush hour, car after car slowed down in front of our house and people were able to take a nice long look at the beautiful faces adorning our fence! 

On Saturday, we also hung the banner in front of the community center in our town, where there was a lot of foot traffic since it was such a beautiful spring day.  (pictured)
On Sunday, April 30th, we hung the banner at our local fire department's open house. During the Open House, we had a booth to raise awareness of SUDC.  We made it fun for kids with crafts and temporary tattoos, and were able to share information about SUDC with hundreds of people from our local community.  The fire department honored our son Zaid by inducting him as an honorary fire chief.  Additionally, it was declared "Zaid Nesheiwat Day" in Harrison by our Mayor, Ron Belmont, and "Zaid Nesheiwat Day" in New York State by State Assemblyman David Buchwald, State Senator George Latimer, and Governor Andrew Cuomo.  We were featured on two local news stations, as well!  We are proud to share this day with the SUDC Foundation, and all of the families impacted by SUDC! (Watch Fios One News spot here). - Al and Sarah Nesheiwat, SUDC Parents

Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
We had the pleasure of having the banner with us in Oxford, UK in April. It was displayed in several places, but most importantly for us, in large open spaces that our Adam so loved – where nature lives just nextdoor to the city and where many people spend their time - such as Port Meadow, large open meadow by the river Thames where horses and cows freely graze.
This photo is taken in South Park, behind us a view of Oxford’s famous spires of Colleges, Churches and Libraries. The banner is held by Adam’s Dad, Mum and little brother Luka, and a family friend. We had slight challenge in getting a bright picture with all the wind and typical English weather with very short bursts of sunshine, but we made it in the end and were proud to have the banner with us here and raise awareness of SUDC. - Nick and Marijana, SUDC Parents

Gig Harbor, Washington, United States

Gig Harbor, Washington, United States

It was such an honor to be able to host the banner in our hometown. Not that many people have even heard of the SUDC Foundation here. If they do it is because they know our family.  

We hung the banner from the exterior of our salon, right in the heart of historic downtown gig harbor. I cut my daughters hair just a few weeks before she passed. It is such an amazing memory that I will never forget. We have so much foot traffic, it was shocking to see all the people who stopped to take pictures or just to admire all of our beautiful children. 

We took the banner down on Sunday (Mother's Day) to get it ready to be shipped to the next location--It was a very difficult and emotional experience. We are so blessed to have such a supportive group of friends and family, that didn't even think twice about coming to help. Overall I think it was a huge success, encouraging others to continue to raise more awareness. -Erica, SUDC Parent

Beaufort, SC, United States

Beaufort, SC, United States
Our family hung the banner in the Fellowship Hall of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Beaufort, the congregation that our family has been a part of since the boys were little.  We had a church Brunch (for a different reason) so people had time to look at the banner and reading the information on SUDC and Ethan that I put up next to it.
Later, our family and friends gathered at Beaufort High School, the school that Ethan attended. This picture will also be on the High School website and Facebook page.  I shared the facts of SUDC and SUDC Foundation and the mission of the banner to raise awareness.  Included in the picture are our family, my parents, two of Ethan's oldest friends, our neighbor who responded to my call for help and rode with me to the hospital, and other friends who have been with us through this journey.  
We have appreciated all of the support we have received from family, friends and SUDC Foundation.- Brigid, SUDC Parent

Next Stop!

Three banners are currently making their way around the world. Its next destinations are:


Vancourver, WA

Denver, CO

Fort Collins, CO

Rogers, AR

Staten Island, NY

Columbus, OH

Glendale, WI

Naperville, IL

St. Paul, MN

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Austin, TX

South Wales, Wales, UK

Bovingdon, Hertz, UK

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