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About the SUDC Banner Project

The SUDC Foundation Banner Project was created to raise awareness of sudden unexpected death in childhood. We gratefully acknowledge the creative design of the banner to our friends at itsthewatsons ( and thank them for this moving tribute to children gone too soon. We hope our banner will improve awareness of this little understood tragedy, engage community advocacy efforts, and help lead to our greater understanding and prevention of SUDC. Hosts of the Banner share their experience through the blog below. Please bookmark this page and come back regularly to follow the travels of the SUDC banner around the world!

Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States

Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States

January 29, 2017 - "At the 7th annual Andrew’s Pins For A Purpose event, our family, friends and dedicated supporters were honored to launch the “Banner Project,” a new awareness movement initiated by the SUDC Foundation. People were moved by the banner, which displayed photos of 120 sons and daughters whose life story ended too soon, and shocked to learn that these faces represented only a small portion of children lost to SUDC.

We. too, were greatly moved by the reactions of our supporters. Many welled up with tears. Some shyly asked questions like: 'Are all these kids are gone?' Most, however, had no words at all and just walked away with their heads down. It was a very moving sight.

Hosting the banner made this day even extra special. We are now more motivated to spread the word about SUDC and the work of the SUDC Foundation so that we can prevent other families from experiencing the loss of a child." Julie, SUDC Parent

Jensen Beach, Florida, United States

Jensen Beach, Florida, United States

February 6, 2017 - "We displayed the SUDC Banner at (what we call) "Maddie's Beach" in Jensen Beach, FL. Maddie spent a lot of time here playing in the sand, dipping her toes in the water, eating as many popsicles as she could convince us to give her, and celebrating her first birthday with cake and balloons. I could never have imagined being on this beach without her.

The SUDC Foundation has been supporting our family every step of the way after losing our sweet girl. When we unrolled the banner, I recognized so many of those precious faces. I know their names. I know their parents' names. And, I feel their pain. They are some of the strongest people I know. When I'm feeling low, they give me the courage to face another day. Because of the SUDC Foundation family, I know I am never alone." Erin, SUDC Parent

(Holding the banner in the photo are Maddie's older brother and sister.)

Punta Gorda, Florida, United States

Punta Gorda, Florida, United States

February 3, 2017 "Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) has unfortunately touched the lives of my loved ones and I was happy to help bring awareness to this very worthy organization." In hosting the banner at The Farr Law Firm, we also raised $350 for the SUDC Foundation. These funds will help the Foundation increase awareness of SUDC, fund crucial research into the causes and prevention of SUDC, and advocate for the needs of families affected by these tragedies." Natalie, friend of SUDC

Next Stop!

Three banners are currently making their way around the world. Its next destinations are:


Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA

Frisco, TX, USA

Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

Bennettsville, SC, USA

Irving, TX, USA

Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK


Beaufort, SC, USA

Austin, TX, USA

Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, UK

Madison, FL, USA

Batson, TX, USA

Fleet, Hampshire, UK

If you are interested in seeing the banner in person, please email us at


Want to host the Banner?

We encourage all volunteer hosts to be creative and to place the banner in highly visible locations-homes, hospitals, businesses, and other heavily trafficked areas. The host is asked to share their experience along with a photo of their display. 

Anyone affected by SUDC—families, friends, healthcare and research professionals, law enforcement, community groups, educators, and more—are invited to “host” the banner. If you would like to help us raise awareness by being a host of the SUDC Banner, click here. If you would like to have your child's photo included on the Spring 2017 Banner, click here.