Family Day Sponsorships

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Premier Sponsorship - $5,000

Enable hope and provide a day of joy for families affected by SUDC. The SUDC Family Day creates a place for families to connect with one another from across the globe! A day filled with educational sessions specifically designed for bereaved families and picnic style gatherings is offered free of charge to all registrants

Funding Need: $5,000.00Generously supported by the Vivienne’s Joy Foundation.

Local Family Gatherings - $3,500 (7 $500 sponsorship's available)

SUDC Families will be encouraged to gather in small local groups as permitted by guidelines set forth within their own communities. The SUDC Foundation will provide funds toward a picnic style lunch and beverages.

Funding Need: $3,500.00

SUDC Welcome Kit and Craft - $1,500

A unique craft experience and welcome bag especially designed for SUDC Families. Each family will be provided a welcome bag filled with needs for the day including a craft kit to complete prior to Family Day. During the morning break families will be invited to share the craft lovingly made in memory of their SUDC child.

Funding Need: $1,500Generously supported by the Alexander Michael Dodson Memorial Fund

Keynote Speaker: Janette Mare - $1,500

Jeannette is known locally as “the kindness lady”. She is a communication scholar, currently pursuing her PhD, who has been teaching kindness for over 20 years. Her world changed drastically after the sudden death of her son in 2002.Using humor and storytelling, Jeannette will share her experiences with kindness and grief and how we can work together to make our relationships stronger and more connected by improving our kind communication skills.

Funding Need: $1,500.00

Children’s Therapeutic Activities - $1,000

Children and teens grieve differently than adults. Children who are participating Family Day with their parents will have the opportunity to participate and engage with one another in their own an age appropriate Saturday morning activity led by a professional educator.

Funding Need: $1000.00Generously supported by the Lily Jo Memorial Fund and the Baranello Family.

Adult Yoga Sessions - $250

Awaken your soul with light exercise for a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses as you witness the beautiful sunrise from your own location. The class will help develop inner awareness and focus attention on the body’s abilities at the present moment.

Funding Need: $250.00Generously supported by the Caffrey Family.

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