When our son Thomas died, the SUDC
Foundation gave us tremendous support.

How We Can Help


The SUDC Foundation provides services at no cost due to the generosity of private donations and significant fundraising efforts. We currently serve over 900 families worldwide. 

If you are a bereaved parent or family member, connect with the SUDC Foundation to receive:

  • Individualized case advocacy to assist families with navigating the death investigation process
  • Personalized support from family services staff, including a licensed clinical social worker
  • Public and private online support groups and social media pages with moderators, creating a safe and supportive online community
  • Peer support programs matching trained family volunteers with newly bereaved families
  • Resources for siblings and grandparents
  • Pediatric sleep monitor programs for subsequent children
  • Accurate and up-to-date educational resources and medical research 
  • Memorial and event planning websites
  • DNA Banking Services
  • SUDC research opportunities
  • Guidance and support for hosting events and fundraisers to honor your child



Contact Us for Support