Advocate for SUDC



A banner featuring photographs of precious SUDC children is scheduled to travel the world  beginning this fall. This special project will raise much-needed awareness for sudden unexplained death in childhood. As the banner makes its way around the world, hosts will share their experience with the banner via our SUDC Banner Project Blog

For more information about this special project and how you can participate, please visit our SUDC Banner Project web page.

The SUDC Ambassador Program


The SUDC Ambassador program encourages highly engaged supporters and professionals to advocate on behalf of the foundation by speaking at conferences and related events, creating content for social media and sharing a common voice.

If you are interested in learning more about the SUDC Ambassador program and how it helps further the foundation mission please contact our Director of Development, Elizabeth Milliken.


SUDC Advisory Boards

SUDC Advisory Boards allow us to benefit from each member’s unique skill set and professional experience.

The Scientific Advisory Board is a team of multi-disciplinary board of forensic pathologists, clinicians, and researchers who provide updated information to assist professionals with cases of sudden death in children. 

The Family Advisory Board (FAB) is comprised of families that are touched by SUDC and understand the importance of creating public awareness and raising funds in support of The SUDC Foundation. We also rely on the FAB to provide insight into the needs of the families we serve.

If you are interested in learning   more: please contact our Director of Development, Elizabeth Milliken.

Take Action

Advocates are individuals who support and promote the interests of the SUDC Foundation through their actions by personally representing the foundation in their communities and at select events or by lobbying elected officials to influence policy decisions at the state and federal levels.

For more information on SUDC Advocacy efforts please visit the Legislative Policy and Advocacy page.