Scarlett's Sunshine Act

Senator Casey speaks on the Senate floor in support of Scarlett's Sunshine Act in December 2018


Scarlett’s Sunshine Act (H.R. 2271/ S. 1130) would strengthen existing efforts to better understand SUID and SUDC, facilitate data collection and analysis to improve prevention efforts, and support children and families.  

The bill:

  • Directs CDC to revise standardized case reporting forms for SUID and SUDC, and authorizes grants to states and local agencies to improve SUID/SUDC case reporting form completion and autopsies. 
  • Authorizes a CDC-commissioned study to advise on the appropriateness of genetic analyses and best practices for testing in these cases. 
  • Provides training grants and materials for death scene investigators. Authorizes $10 million per year in new federal funding for these activities.
  • Provides HRSA grants to state to enable 100% review of all infant and child deaths, and support data infrastructure so the data can inform prevention experts and clinical care. Authorizes $15.25 million per year for these activities.
  • Creates new HRSA grants for outreach efforts to educate families on safer-sleep practices for infants and provide low- or reduced-cost products conducive to safer sleep recommendations from national organizations. Authorizes $24 million over 5 years for these activities.
  • Finally, the bill would require annual reports to the Senate HELP and House E&C Committees to include the absolute number and incidence of SUID/SUDC, actions undertaken, and any new recommendations. 



Organizations Endorsing Scarlett's Sunshine Act