Jenni Thomas' podcasts In autumn 2019 Tom and I were honoured to be asked by our incredible counsellor, Jenni Thomas to be part of her podcast series: "Jenni Thomas, OBE, Talks about Child Bereavement". Jenni's experience and expertise is incredible and we hope this series will help families far and wide. Please listen at

Annual Summer Scoot Events in memory of Rosie
Bovingdon's Summer Scoot - Our first Summer Scoot event in 2016 was a huge success and we raised £1000. The following year generous support & more participants helped more than double the profit. Since then we've held 2 more events consistently with over 130 eager participants and the event will run annually while there is demand. Rosie would have absolutely loved these heartwarming events & we are proud and excited that other SUDC parents are now interested in running their own Summer Scoots in memory of their children. We aim to support their efforts as best we can. Please see the dedicated tab above for more info on Rosie's Summer Scoots or our facebook page

December 2015
We are so proud that Rosie fronted the SUDC Foundation's Christmas campaign for support & hope her smile raised a great deal. 

Rosie's headstone was also been completed this month and we love it. The pattern is the same as the one which was above her cot the whole of her life and we think she'd have liked the pretty flowers and butterfly. 

November 2015
We are very proud that Adam's suggestion has led to his school raising funds and supporting Rosie's Rainbow Fund as their chosen charity this school year. We expect this will enable many other families to receive their fantastic support. 

October 2015
A walk for Rosie
On what should have been Rosie's 4th birthday, family and dear friends walked together again in her memory. This walk combined with generous sponsorship of Sarah & Jenny's half marathon raised £748. This was enough for the school to secure a defibrillator, a vital addition to their first aid equipment and so wonderful to support children's safety in memory of Rosie. 

September 2015
As Tom and I watched Rosie's peers start nursery without her this year we donated a few toys for them to play with in her memory. This small act provides comfort that a little piece of her is there with them making them smile.  

June 2015
Velothon Wales
Tom and our friend Paul raised £1280 for the Lullaby Trust by cycling 140K through hilly Wales.

November 2014
Rosie's nursery have been hugely supportive and raised an amazing £1,307.50 at their autumn parents evenings for Rosie's Rainbow Fund, the charity which kindly provides our invaluable counseling support.

October 2014
On the 10th October 2014 Rosie would have celebrated her third birthday. In her memory, family and friends joined together for a walk around Chipperfield Woods, near her home. We were so touched that $1972 (£1260) was donated to the SUDC foundation by family and friends.

August 2014
 £3,174 was raised by Tom and his three amazing colleagues for The Lullaby Trust when they completed RideLondon100. The Lullaby Trust provide support for families affected by SIDS, research and also provide the Care Of Next Infant (CONI) programme to support families such as ours before and after the birth of future children.

July 2014
$10,000 (£6385) was generously donated to the SUDC Foundation by a large corporation.

April 2014

 £1156 of kind donations to the SUDC Foundation from friends, the nursery Rosie attended and lovely parents from Adam's school.

A Walk for Rosie (above)


Pictures above are from the RideLondon100