Our son Tommy was a sweet, gorgeous and happy little boy.  He loved Thomas the Train, playing with his matchbox cars, going on hikes, his dog Molly and being with his family. He was so excited to become a big brother.

The night before he passed away, Tommy had pizza for dinner and played a game of indoor basketball with his dad. We will never forget his laughter that night – each time dad hoisted him on his shoulders to “dunk” the basketball, he would scream with joy. There really isn’t a way to describe how happy and healthy he was – there was no warning, no indication, no sign, that when he went to bed that night that he would never again wake up. In a split second, our lives were forever changed. 

It gives us comfort to know Tommy had a wonderful life and he knew how absolutely much we loved him. Our Little T had so much fun. He traveled to Mexico, went to museums and aquariums, and loved playing with his big cousins Ethan, Hannah and Abbey. T spent Christmas and summer vacations on Cape Cod, and saw all his grandparents on a regular basis - every day with him was an absolute joy.

We sincerely appreciate the love and support of our families, friends and our community.

Andrew, Beth, Andrew and Bridgette 
Forever in our hearts – Tommy

28 MAR

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