In Loving Memory of

Amelia Kaley Spitalieri

March 4, 2014 - August 14, 2016

Amelia's Story

Amelia’s story began on March 4th, 2014, forever changing our lives. From the moment she was born she instantly captured our hearts. We named her Amelia after the character Amy from Doctor Who and her middle name Kaley was the name of an actresses on the show The Big Bang Theory. 

Since the day we took her home from hospital we felt so blessed to have such an amazing, beautiful girl. It was our first time as parents and everyday brought a new kind of adventure. Amelia was the perfect little baby and had the greatest smile that would just melt your heart. She loved it when we would read books to her and played her music. Some of her favorite bands were Dave Matthews and Imagine Dragons. She also loved watching The Imagination Movers and the music they performed. One of her favorite shows to watch was Sesame Street and seeing the characters Elmo and Cookie Monster. 

We enrolled her in Gymboree at first where she met one of her best friends Amry. The two of them later also enrolled in gymnastics classes together. Her other best friend was Abby, they were nicknamed the A-team because of their names and loved going places together. When we visited family, her cousins Michael and Elena would always drag her around to play and all her Aunts and Uncles “stole” her from us whenever they had the chance. 

Amelia was such a loving child and would make friends wherever she went. She loved to play and run around with kids no matter where we were. One time we were at a nursing home visiting a family member and there were a group of kids there she joined up with. They ran around the place and ate ice cream together as if she was one of their crew. Another time we were away visiting family in Boston and she made a friend in the hotel lobby giving this little girl she barely knew a big hug.

We enjoyed taking Amelia everywhere with us and getting her out as much as possible. We would go out and see all the animals at the zoos, parks, and aquariums. She was unafraid to feed and touch all the animals, except of course for the big scary gorillas at the Bronx Zoo. Amelia would love going to the local fairs during the spring and summer time, eating ice cream and jumping in the bouncy castles. We also visited Sesame Place where she got to see the Imagination Movers live and all the Sesame Street characters. We remember pulling into the parking lot where all sections had characters assigned to them and her yelling “Bert!” for the first time. She didn’t like the rides so much though but enjoyed climbing all the way up the nets even though they were high up.

Her favorite movie was Frozen. We would have to play it constantly and she would love to mimic the dancing and singing. She knew the whole song and dance for the song “Let It Go” which was her favorite part and a memory we will always cherish. We even had someone we knew play Elsa at her birthday party and she was so excited.   

We are so proud of our daughter and watched her through all her firsts, eating baby food, crawling, walking and her first words. We all miss her dearly every day and will never forget what a special time it was to have her in our lives.

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