SUDC Awareness Month

Thank you for Supporting SUDC Awareness Month 2022!

SUDC Awareness Month 2022 was an astounding success!

Some of our highlights include:

  • Our supporters participated in weekly activities to raise awareness throughout the month – shining a light on SUDC, wearing their hearts on their sleeves, spreading kindness, and taking strides for awareness.
  • We sent over 600 free awareness kits to our supporters all over the world to help mark the month.
  • SUDC Awareness Month was honored through 47 U.S. state proclamations and 1 House resolution. You can learn more here.
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers wore specially-designed SUDC Foundation patches on their uniforms during a spring training game and shared some important information about #SUDCAwareness Month during the television broadcast. 
  • Our supporters walked, ran, rolled and rode over 12,000 miles for our Stride for SUDC Awareness Challenge. See below for our leaderboard!

From the bottom of our hearts, we offer our gratitude to everyone who helped us honor SUDC Awareness Month. Your efforts have helped us promote awareness, advocate for research, and support those affected by sudden unexpected or unexplained death in childhood.

We’ll see you next year!

Strides for SUDC,
10,000-mile Challenge

March is SUDC Awareness Month!

The SUDC Foundation is once again leading efforts to raise awareness of SUDC around the world.

Please see below for a full list of activities and ways you can get involved or click here to download our SUDC Awareness Month 2022 poster. Each week the SUDC Foundation’s social media will feature efforts for the week, so please be sure to “like” and follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to stay up to date! And please share our posts including #SUDCAwareness!

In conjunction with the below activities, we have asked each U.S. State to proclaim March as SUDC Awareness Month. Last year, 44 U.S. States joined us, with 2 additional state recognitions. This year we are shooting for all 50! You can follow the action here.

Download Awareness Month materials including the SUDC Fact Sheet, Awareness Month Poster, and Kindness Cards.

Walk, bike, or run from wherever you are and log your miles on this page (form below!), to help us reach out goal of 10,000 miles for SUDC Awareness. Post photos on social media using #SUDCAwareness!

Show your support on Facebook by changing your cover photo: Click here to download the image!

You can also help raise awareness of SUDC and support the mission of the SUDC Foundation by creating a Facebook Fundraiser. Click here to learn how to create your fundraiser.

Spread the word about SUDC Awareness month and educate someone new with our SUDC Fact Sheet. Share your participation on social media with #SUDCAwareness. On March 2nd, please head over to our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) and share our post with critical information on SUDC with your network!

Show your support of SUDC Awareness Month by wearing your SUDC Foundation bracelet, apparel, or other memorabilia in honor of a child. Share a picture on social media with #SUDCAwareness.

Join us in remembering those lost to SUDC by using our Kindness Cards to perform a Random Act of Kindness in their memory. Share your act on social media with #SUDCAwareness.

Families, professionals, and communities are affected by SUDC in countless ways. Join us this week in sharing why SUDC awareness is important to you on social media, using #SUDCAwareness

Strides for SUDC 2022

Submit Your Miles Below:

Strides for SUDC,
10,000-mile Challenge

Strides for SUDC 2022 Leaderboard

Adult Leaders

1. Travis Behm

751 miles

2. Kimberley Shepherd

635 miles

3. David Gulliver

470 miles

Child Leaders

1. Brandon Richardson

83 miles

2. Alivia Covington

80 miles

3. Sophia Rogers-Smalley

26 miles

Not on Social Media?

There are many ways you can still participate! Wherever social media is mentioned above,  email your friends and family, or talk to your neighbors! Post your pictures, videos and experiences in the SUDC email groups. March is all about raising awareness for SUDC and strengthening our community of advocates for the benefit of all children. You can also download our SUDC Awareness Month Poster

Thank you!

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