Educational Videos & Webinars

Understanding SUDC Conference May 2017

The conference was the first multidisciplinary medical conference on SUDC, which featured research updates and best practices from the fields of epidemiology, pathology, genetics, cardiology, neurology and palliative care.

Love Beyond Reason: Inside the first ever national conference on SUDC

A personal look at the Understanding Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood Conference in NYC in 2017. This was the first ever national conference on SUDC.

Friday Insights: Love Beyond Loss

Brittney Patterson

Kate Walsh

SUDC Education Through Pediatric Conferences

On Grief and Mourning

Shan Gao, MD, PhD

Dartmouth Pediatric Grand Rounds

Erin Bowen, MD, Pediatrician

Declan McGuone, MBBCh, FRCPath Neuro, Neuropathologist

Health & Science Series

Speaker Series

From Guilt to Growth: Navigating Life After the Loss of a Child

Protecting Mental Health During Reproduction After Loss

Conversations with Kelly: Coping with the Holiday Season and Grief Reminders

Understanding Natural Recovery & Evidence Based Treatments after Trauma and Loss

The Power of Words: Kindness, Communication and Grief

Jeannette Maré, communications scholar and Kindness Expert, delivers the keynote address at SUDC Family Day 2020

Sharing Their Experiences

Advocating for Families in Crisis

Bereaved families share their experience with child loss and how the advocacy services of the SUDC Foundation helped them.

What Bereaved Parents Want You To Know

Bereaved parents of SUDC share their experiences of the death investigation process.

Life After SUDC: Carrying the Love of Our Children Forward

Podcast Club

To Hell and Back with Charlie Swenson

In the first episode, Natalia shares her story and talks specifically about the natural recovery process, the power of acceptance, and functioning after trauma and loss.

In the second episode, Natalia discusses “avoiding avoidance,” the importance of social support and how to elicit and shape that support in one’s community.

In the third episode, Natalia discusses the changes to relationships and to the “self” after trauma, making meaning after trauma and loss, Jackson’s “Kindness Project”, and the other ways in which her son’s presence and impact continue to live on.


Podcast Q&A Webinar with Natalia Garcia and Lisa Macri, LCSW 2018

As a follow-up to Dr Swenson’s 3 part series interview (To Hell and Back) with Natalia, she granted us the opportunity to spend time answering questions posed by bereaved parents.

SUDCRRC Research Update Follow Up

Birth of Hope Book Discussion

The SUDC Foundation hosts an open discussion with mother and author Genevieve Deely to discuss her recent book “The Birth of Hope: A Mother’s Journey Discovering Peace Within Tragedy,” and the journey that inspired it.

Educational Videos for the Community

Town Hall Meeting 2024 Recording

How the SUDC Foundation Advocates for Research

Explaining the Unexplained


Learning About DNA

A virtual SUDC family event for all ages with Meghan Frey, Wesley’s Mom & SUDC Ambassador.

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