Fund Research

How We FUND Research

Through scientific research grants, such as those below,  the SUDC Foundation improves our understanding of SUDC.

@ NYU Langone Health

Research Collaborative is supported by research grants($) from the SUDC Foundation as well as other sources

Directed By: Orrin Devinsky, MD

Purpose: To understand the risk factors of SUDC that enable the development of preventative strategies

Multidisciplinary research team members at NYU, Columbia University, Mayo Clinic, and independent Forensic Collaborators across the U.S. (Laura Gould Crandall= Research Scientist)

Approved by IRB of NYU Langone Health

National Consensus Guidelines

Grant funded to NAME

Collaboration between National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) and  American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

Birth to pre-pubescent children ​

Independent External Research

How We PERFORM Research

Internal Research

The SUDC Foundation performs research to better understand and advocate for the needs of families affected by sudden unexpected and unexplained deaths in childhood.

We utilize data collected by the SUDC Foundation to better understand and advocate for the needs of our community

This internal research does NOT investigate the causes of SUDC.

This research is performed by SUDC Foundation staff and volunteer researchers who have successfully completed the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative for Biomedical Research.

How We ENDORSE Research

Related Research

We provide letters of support to endorse related research.

When researchers submit a grant application to another institution and may ask related stakeholder organizations or experts in the field to provide letter of support to be submitted with their application. This can be helpful in conveying to the grant agency how widespread the support is for the application.

Review and approval are the same as grant application review.

The SUDC Foundation has provided such letters of support for high quality research that is in line with our mission.

How We PARTICIPATE in Research

The SUDC Foundation

Partners in the planning of medical conferences

Development of training and educational materials

Partners with related organizations

NIH Petition

Laura Gould Crandall

Co-Chair of OSAC Subcommittee on Medicolegal Death Investigation

Member of the Executive Board of the North American SUDEP Registry

Erin Bowen

Member of AAP Child Fatality Review Committee

Our efforts to raise awareness wouldn't be possible without the inspiration and enthusiasm of the SUDC community.

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