Services for Bereaved Families

Register or Refer a Family for SUDC Foundation Services

We would like to express our deepest condolences to you and your loved ones during this time. The SUDC Foundation strives to provide support and resources after the loss of a child to sudden unexpected death.

To utilize our services, or to refer us to a family who may be able to benefit from our services, please contact us using the form on this page and a staff member will reach out promptly.

Please enter dates below as YYYY-MM-DD

If you do not enter the dates exactly as shown the form will not process. Thank you.
I am the person named above and wish to participate in the SUDC Foundation. I understand that the Foundation provides support, information in relation to research and advocacy, and resources related to sudden unexpected deaths in childhood. I understand that my information will remain private and will not be sold to any third party. I understand that if I reveal I want to injure myself or others, information will be shared with the proper agencies. I acknowledge that the SUDC Foundation may utilize my anonymous information for the purposes of research, as well as the anonymous information of my dependents. I also acknowledge that the SUDC Foundation may contact me regarding related research opportunities that my family may wish to consider and these projects will have a separate consent process.

How The SUDC Foundation Can Help

The SUDC Foundation provides services at no cost due to the generosity of private donations and significant fundraising efforts. We currently serve over 1000 families worldwide. 

If you are a bereaved parent or family member, connect with the SUDC Foundation to receive:

  • Individualized case advocacy to assist families with navigating the death investigation process
  • Personalized support from family services staff, including a social worker
  • Public and private online support groups and social media pages with moderators, creating a safe and supportive online community
  • Peer support programs matching trained family volunteers with newly bereaved families
  • Resources and support for siblings and grandparents
  • Current and accurate educational resources and medical research 
  • Memorial and event planning websites
  • Assistance in banking your child’s DNA if desired
  • Information and assistance accessing research opportunities on SUDC
  • Guidance and support for hosting events and fundraisers to honor your child

Our efforts to raise awareness wouldn't be possible without the inspiration and enthusiasm of the SUDC community.

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