Workplace Giving

Matching gifts and workplace giving offer employees an impactful way to support their favorite charity.

Employee giving programs are a simple and effective way for businesses to involve their employees in corporate social responsibility. Giving programs empower employees to support their favorite charities, including the SUDC Foundation.

Matching gifts can double or even triple a donation from an individual, while employee giving allows individuals to contribute a selected amount through payroll deductions. To see if your company has a matching gift program established please use the tool below. If your employer does not appear in the search, please contact your Human Resources department to ask if there is a matching program.

 Annual color challenge days, information tabling, and other awareness events can also be an effective way to help employees learn more about sudden unexplained death in childhood and support the SUDC Foundation mission.  

If you need assistance starting a workplace giving program, please contact our Director of Development

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