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07/07/20 –  Parents seek answers for son’s sudden unexplained death to help others (

06/23/20 – Groundbreaking guidelines issued for unexplained pediatric death – Contemporary Pediatrics, Erin Bowen, MD, FAAP

03/12/20 – Pediatricians can play important role after a child’s sudden unexplained death – AAP News, Erin Bowen, MD, FAAP

01/23/20 –  Tayjon’s Promise donates shoes to honor toddler who hated wearing them –, Charita Goshay

11/29/19 –  Caring for parents after the sudden death of a child – Contemporary Pediatrics, Cheryl Guttman Krader

10/14/19 –  Mt. Pleasant family raises awareness and research funds after toddler dies without explanation – Live5 WCSC

09/24/19 –  An Extraordinary Life: Keeping a child’s memory alive – The Herald News, Denise M. Baran-Unland

09/07/19 –  SUDC Foundation offers support, research for families like Jamie and Amy Larsen – Redwood Falls Gazette, Troy Krause

09/01/19 –  Sudden Unexplained Death of a Child – Radio Health Journal

07/31/19 –  ‘It was just disbelief:’ Families wonder why their perfectly healthy child suddenly died – Fox6 Milwaukee, Cassidy Williams

07/30/19 –  5K run brings awareness to Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood – Mooresville Tribune, Kyle Arendas

07/14/19 –  Mother shares story of loss after toddler dies unexpectedly – WKBW ABC7 Buffalo, Katie Morse

05/23/19 –  Unexplained Deaths of Children Mystify Parents, Doctors – NBC5 Chicago

03/19/19 –  ‘He was cold as ice’: Hundreds of children die each year with no explanation. Their parents are pushing for answers.

03/06/19 –  Warrior Wednesdays with Matt Iseman

02/26/19 –  Sibling Loss: Experiencing Grief Through a Child’s Eyes – AAP Voices blog, Erin Bowen, MD, FAAP

01/30/19 –  Giving helps with grieving: Family finds ways to cope following death of daughter – Kenosha News, Heather Poyner

11/28/18 –  Scarlett’s Sunshine Act Addresses A Tragic Problem That Has No Solution Yet – Bustle, Lani Seelinger

04/26/18 –  Parents left grieving unexplained death of their toddler ask MPs to make April 26 SUDC Awareness Day – CBC, Annie Deir

03/02/18 –  SUDC: Sudden unexplained death in childhood – KVUE

01/25/18 –  ‘She’s still in our hearts’: Unexpected death leaves family searching for answers – Riverhead News-Review, Joe Werkmeister

12/11/17 –  Local couple shares their tragic story, strives to raise awareness of SUDC in Canada –, Paulina Hrebacka

11/24/17 –  Parents left grieving unexplained death of their toddler ask MPs to make April 26 SUDC Awareness Day – Tribune Star, Lisa Trigg

07/27/17 –  Death of toddler son moves family to advocacy –, Charita Goshay

05/24/17 –  Talking with Singers: Matthew Polenzani – Schmopera, Jenna Simeonov

05/20/17 –  BBC

10/29/16 –  Family Uses Tragedy To Spread Awareness –, Stacie Lopez

05/02/16 –  Devoted uncle’s trek to raise awareness for charity – The Mail

04/04/16 –  Mother sponsors awareness event for unexplained childhood deaths – The Collegian, Ryan Manring

03/02/16 –  Why do seemingly healthy children suddenly die? – WIBW

10/27/15 –  Doing Good: Foundation Takes on Sudden Toddler Death – KNWA

05/12/15 –  A mysterious medical condition is killing toddlers to teens – KXAN, Calily Bien

08/01/15 –  Irvine family searches for ‘new normal’ after toddler’s sudden death – Orange County Register, Sarah De Crescenzo

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