In Loving Memory of

Braxten Hunter

February 20, 2018 - April, 2019

Braxten's Story

Braxten Hunter

Braxten Helmut Hunter is the firstborn son to James and Kristi Hunter. He was born on February 20, 2018 in Stillwater Oklahoma. Braxten was a unique piece to the family puzzle. He was the first baby born in a 6-year period, given dads middle name from his German grandfather and was able to wear dad’s onesie his Oma kept from Germany! Braxten has two brothers and two sisters and many more family members who love him dearly. 

Braxten was blessed to enjoy many things in his short 14-month life, but one thing he enjoyed the most: his daddy. Kristi and James worked opposite shifts to make the family life they wanted for Braxten work. During the day while Kristi was at work Braxten would explore the local parks in town. James and Braxten loved to play patty-cake and the tickle game. James even made up his own little song to sing to Braxten called the “fussy bussy” song. During the evenings when he was at work Braxten explored his “swim time” and cuddles with Kristi at bed time. Braxten was a daddy’s boy like no other, on any outing Braxten wanted to be hand in hand with dad or sitting in dad’s lap. He was a very outgoing little boy that it was easy to dream of the day he would run with the football or hit the ball so far outfield it’d result in a home run.  

Braxten brought joy to many people he didn’t know! At his pediatrician’s office they wanted him to be their office mascot because he had a very infectious smile and personality. However, I didn’t give it much thought to allow him to do so.  

To be completely honest: Braxten was an even mixture between mom and dad. Braxten got his blue eyes from James along with his soft blonde hair (and some curls!) and he got his dimple and birthmark from Kristi (with some curls too!). Together was a perfect mixture of a perfect angel.  

When it came to TV Braxten loved Chugginton. He would often dance to the entrance song and smile really big when he saw his train buddies pop up on the screen. Occasionally he would watch The Magic School Bus, Boss Baby, Cat in the Hat and The Three Little Pigs. Thankfully, Braxten was not a picky eater. He loved many different foods but his all-time favorite was Hispanic rice and beans. He was not a juice drinker but he loved water. His favorite breakfast food was apple cinnamon oat meal with raisins and his favorite bed time snack was fruit loops.  

Braxten had many different hobbies. For example: he loved swimming, swinging and dancing. He would often help mom with laundry by emptying out the baskets then putting the clothes back in. Well, he thought he was helping. He loved nature. While out feeding the ducks one afternoon he would stare at the beautiful trees surrounding us and smile when the wind would blow in his face.  

Friends, oh the friends he had! Braxten would visit with Mrs. Kendra twice a week and there he met his best friend: Dallas. Dallas and Braxten were like two peas in a pod, there is no doubt that they would have become best friends later in life as well. The two would often keep Mrs. Kendra on her feet! They’d share chalk and try to share Sippy’s or pacis! When James would drop Braxten off he wanted down to play with Dallas, no goodbyes or kisses were given, and that was a surprise! They remained friends until Braxten’s last day. Our family was very close to a family we met at our work place, we actually became family. Braxten loved him some Iasson, Susie and Brenda time. We went camping (once!) and would often go to their house for dinner, hangouts or just meet at Buffalo Wild Wings. Iasson and Braxten were the best of best buds. They played very well together and enjoyed each others time. The love the four had was genuine and true.  

Braxten could have easily had a different mother or father, however, God wanted his perfect angel to be put in the most perfect hands for this task. Braxten will forever and always hold that special place in our hearts. Above all things: Braxten will always be our son.  

Braxten is love. Braxten is patience and Braxten is happiness. Three of the many things he had taught us that will forever live on. 


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