In Loving Memory of

Connor Michael Adams

June 2, 2011 - August 29, 2012

Connor's Story

Connor Michael Adams was born on June 2, 2011 and died during an afternoon nap on August 29th 2012. Connor was an absolutely beautiful child with a smile that came from his soul. He was sweet, calm and observant, always taking in the world around him. He was famous for his “smirk”, his never ending appetite, including his insatiable love of bananas and dancing his little heart out. He loved his brother Brayden dearly and tried to steal his toys whenever possible. When he got his hands on a hot wheels car that didn’t belong to him, that famous smirk would come across his face. He could definitely be mischievous!

Whenever a song came on, even a commercial on tv, Connor would dance and scream in excitement. His favorite toy was a ball tower that played his favorite music.  We still cherish the video of him dancing with his ball tower. For his first birthday, we gave him an Elmo CD that had his name in every song. He LOVED it! He was so much fun!

He enjoyed walks outside and splashing in the pool or bathtub. He loved going to the park and went down a slide by himself for the very first time just the day before that fateful day. He loved going to baseball games, and got to attend 3 in his lifetime! He loved the beach and even got to go to Myrtle Beach, SC twice the summer we lost him. He had just learned to walk the month he passed and we can still see him tottering on the beach, learning to walk on the uneven surface. He hated sand on his hands and every time he would fall, he would look to me to wipe the sand from his fingers. That didn’t deter him from trying though, and we spent the majority of one afternoon practicing our walking along the beach. By the end of our walk, there was so much sand on our clothes from wiping the sand from his hands, I accidentally wiped some into his eyes while trying to dry his face from a wave. He was right back out there only moments later, chasing his brother and the waves. We had a wonderful time on vacation and were so grateful for a reason to take so many photos that week.

We had just returned from the beach on Monday.  Our bags were still packed in the hallway.  We lost him on Wednesday. 

Connor slipped away quietly the afternoon of August 29, 2012 during a nap. He was survived by his then 4 year old brother, Brayden and his heartbroken Mommy and Daddy. He has since become a big brother twice to a baby brother, Dylan (born 2014), and baby sister, Camdyn (born 2016). He was truly the joy in our lives, and had we not had the love from our sweet Brayden at that time, we question how we could have survived. We all lost a bit of our hearts that day, and the world lost a pure soul, but heaven gained the most beautiful Angel. We are beyond grateful for the nearly 15 months we had our Connor here on Earth with us, and we wait for the day we will be reunited again. But until we meet again my sweet Angel, please know that you are incredibly, immensely and undoubtedly LOVED. Forever and Always.

In Loving Memory of Connor Michael Adams
June 2, 2011- August 29, 2012

 “An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby’s birth.  Then whispered as she closed the book… ‘Too beautiful for Earth'”. 

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