Consent Form for Minor Involvement as an SUDC Teen Ambassador


This consent form is designed for parents or legal guardians to grant permission for their minor child to participate as an SUDC Foundation Teen Ambassador. The SUDC Foundation acknowledges the importance of parental consent for minors engaging in ambassadorial activities.

Description of Ambassadorial Role

As an SUDC Foundation Teen Ambassador, your child will represent the SUDC Foundation in various capacities, including but not limited to:

  • Raising awareness about SUDC
  • Participating in fundraising events and campaigns
  • Engaging with the community to promote understanding and support for families affected by SUDC
  • Providing testimonials or personal experiences related to SUDC, if comfortable and appropriate

Teen Applicant's Information

Responsibilities of the SUDC Foundation

The SUDC Foundation agrees to:

  • Provide appropriate guidance and support to the minor ambassador
  • Notify the parent or guardian of any upcoming events or activities involving the minor ambassador
  • Respect the privacy and dignity of the minor ambassador at all times

Confidentiality Agreement

The SUDC Foundation acknowledges the sensitive nature of personal information and agrees to maintain confidentiality regarding the minor ambassador's identity and any personal details shared during ambassadorial activities. However, in cases where the Teen Ambassador’s parent/guardian explicitly consents to sharing information for communications such as press releases, publications, and social media, the SUDC Foundation may share relevant information as necessary for the purpose of raising awareness about SUDC or for other ambassadorial activities.

Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an emergency or if the need arises to contact the parent or guardian during ambassadorial activities, the following individual should be contacted:

Secondary Emergency Contact Information

The SUDC Foundation will use the information provided above to contact the parent/guardian in case of emergency. Please provide an additional emergency contact:

Parental Consent

Clear Signature
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