In Loving Memory of

Haley Chonsa Tom

July 27, 1998 - May 15, 2000

Haley's Story

Haley was a sweet, happy and healthy 21 month old little girl. Just like most toddlers, she loved Elmo, going to the park, reading books and being with her parents and friends. She was an amazing big sister for a very short 19 days. During those tender days, she gave her new baby sister, Megan, the most kisses than anyone. Not just little ones on the cheek, but big “mmmah” ones right on Megan’s nose!

Haley had a wonderful little life and we feel blessed to have shared those amazing 21 months together. We feel lucky that we can say we wouldn’t have changed one day with her – life with her was that amazing. Haley easily adapted to our schedule and even had her own passport and went on a Caribbean cruise with us.

We sincerely appreciate the love and support of our families, friends and our community. We thank you for your generosity and support of such a special little girl whose spirit may be remembered in our hearts forever.

Haley's Run for a Reason

Formerly known as Haley’s Run for a Reason, the 5-mile run or 2-mile walk starts at 8am at the Orinda Community Center in Orinda, CA and kicks-off the city’s 4th of July festivities. The 2-mile walk is paved and stroller/dog friendly. The 5-mile run continues on from the 2-mile walk onto East Bay Municipal Utility District trails, usually only accessible by permit. After the run, stay for a pancake breakfast, small-town parade and park activities all day long!

The Fourth of July Run for a Reason raises funds to support the Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood Foundation (SUDC). SUDC is a category of death in children between the ages of 1 and 18 that remains unexplained after a thorough investigation, including an autopsy. Most often, a seemingly healthy child goes to sleep and never wakes up.

The SUDC Foundation is the only organization worldwide whose purpose is to raise awareness, fund research, and serve those affected by SUDC. SUDC is the fifth leading category of death in children ages one to four, yet SUDC receives no public funding. The SUDC Foundation provides all services at no cost to families.

The SUDC Foundation:

  • Funds and promotes research. The SUDC Foundation provides grants for and conducts research that will further our understanding of the cause(s) and ways to prevent SUDC.
  • Supports Families. The Foundation supports over 800 families in 18 countries. It provides personalized, comprehensive care from licensed clinical social workers and cultivates a community of support for bereaved families so no one grieves alone. The Foundation also helps families navigate the investigation into their child’s death by being a liaison between families and the medical examiner or coroner. It assists families in accessing research and DNA banking services which could lead to answers on what may have happened to their child.

You Can Help

Your donation today means a brighter tomorrow for families touched by SUDC.
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