In Loving Memory of

Hannah McGeorge Hayes

October 28, 2015 - November 3, 2016

Hannah's Story


Hannah Lorraine McGeorge Hayes was born October 28, 2015. Our bright-eyed daughter was doted upon by us and her sister Madeline who was a few months shy of 4 years of age.  No one could make Hannah laugh like her sister. Hannah was curious about everything around her and always keen to explore and figure things out. She started walking, or ‘furniture surfing’, around 10 months (like her sister) and loved practicing with her alligator walker, beaming with pride as she overcame little hurdles. She was a beautiful baby, with almost elfin features. A shop owner once remarked, “Oh my, she actually looks like a kewpie doll!” We never once were out in public without someone smiling at, or interacting, with her. 

She managed to touch many lives in her all too short one here-getting to meet her Grandfather a mere day before he passed away; falling asleep in the arms of her great aunt; meeting many relatives on both sides of the family and being loved by all. She felt the sand of the Oregon Coast, floated on fresh water in Pennsylvania, rode on amusement park rides and marveled at the sea creatures in the aquarium. 

Hannah only celebrated one birthday. Less than one week after loving her chocolate birthday cake (and hating the birthday hat), she died. She was at her caregivers home, (their favorite child of course) and had just awoken from a nap. She was sitting up having a snack when she simply fell over, her heart stopped beating-changing our lives forever. We lost our daughter, and Madeline lost her sister. We love and miss her and continue to strive to live a life representing her best qualities: love, curiosity and happiness.

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