In Loving Memory of

Isabella Rose Gonzalez

April 8, 2010 - June 23, 2022

Isabella's Story

Isabella Gonzalez was only 12yrs old when she was called home; but in those years, she was the embodiment of everything pure in this world. To know her was to know strength, grace, selflessness & true LOVE. Bella was a fighter from the minute she entered this world. Spending time in the NICU; her tiny, brand new spirit was determined to shine. From there, she truly blossomed. It was a blessing to be able to witness the love she gave for EVERYONE around her; especially her Momma. For 9 years they were the power duo!! Traveling, Movie dates, shopping, TikTok’s and even matching outfits! Bella made sure everyone knew that was her VERY BEST FRIEND!! Then along came her baby sister. From the moment Scarlett was born, Bella took on the role of 2nd mommy with PRIDE! She would ease her momma of worry by keeping Scarlett entertained all day, reading her bedtime stories at night and was always eager to repeat the cycle the next day. The 3 of them quickly became inseparable. Bella would work vendor events (taking food orders) to earn money JUST to spoil her two besties. If that meant she had no money left for herself, she was HAPPY about it! Because that meant her job of making others smile was accomplished. Directly behind making sure her family was happy, was Bella’s passion for DANCE! She was a dancer before she even knew how to walk. A natural born STAR!! At the age of 3, Bella attended her first dance school and it was only UP from there. Any place, any time, to any beat; Bella had the MOVES!! On June 23rd, 2022; almost mirroring her life here with us, she gained her wings in the upmost ‘Bella’ fashion; Dancing! Surrounded by her most favorite people, in the comfort of her home. She left our family in shambles and all we could ask was why? For a month after her passing, we were left clueless & questioning. It was until we were informed Bella was living with an undiagnosed genetic heart condition called Brugada Syndrome. Her mission here with us was clear; to comfort, to give, to heal, to help and to love. In death, she is STILL fulfilling that purpose. Being an organ donor, Bella has given the gift of SIGHT. Granting someone the ability to see the world as beautifully as she did. All in all Bella was truly one of a kind; then, now & forevermore.

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