In Loving Memory of

Jaydon Landon Rigby

July 8, 2018 - June 5, 2020

Jaydon's Story

Jaydon was a very busy little boy and had his hands in everything. He loved throwing rocks and getting into the mud any chance he could.

He was always willing to help, even when we didn’t need it. He would walk in and give you a big hug when you walked in the door or if he saw you crying. He would give you your shoes when you were putting them on along with everything else you didn’t really need at the time. He would help fill in your dirt hole after you cleaned it out. He would say “night!” continually at bedtime until he fell asleep. He would pester and climb all over his brothers and sisters nonstop and enjoy it. He loved going for rides whether it be in the truck, on his horse, in the stroller or his wagon. He especially liked to climb up onto anything that had a steering wheel.

Jaydon started struggling with seizures early in 2019. We took him to a specialist in Salt Lake to see if we could find the cause of his seizures and the tests came back inconclusive and was given medication. They would subside and return on occasion. He unexpectedly passed away the night of June 4th. We thought he was tired and just needing some extra sleep since he had been so busy playing outside the day before. My husband walked in before me when the tone of his voice told me something was terribly wrong. His little body was stiff and ice cold. I cried out in agony and disbelief. Unfortunately his three older sisters and brother witnessed the unfolding of that chaotic morning. Jaydon was so full of life the day before, playing in his kiddie pool and riding with his sister on our new horse. It was a typical summer day, nothing unusual, nothing that gave us any red flags. It was hard to comprehend how this could happen to such an active and lively little boy. It was a day that is impossible to forget.

He became a new big brother to his little brother just months before. He came into the world earlier than expected and left the same. Jaydon was loved by many, especially in church as he was always smiling and giggling at others in the pews behind him as they tried to make him laugh. He would snake his way up to the stand where his dad was sitting and have a mischievous grin on his face. His sweet smile, bright eyes, and lively energy were hard to resist. He had little fear and would walk up to about anyone or anything without hesitation. At home he loved tromping around in everyone’s shoes and boots. He liked dragging or pushing things, especially something heavy or awkward, all over the house like large stools, vacuums, or brooms. The dishwasher was his trampoline and climbing up on the table, playing with the faucet, and dumping everything onto the floor was a real treat for him. If you open the fridge you better be ready to hand him some cheese. He will be dearly missed by all those who knew him.

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