In Loving Memory of

Julian Torres

July 13, 2014 - July 25, 2016

Julian's Story

Julian was a very happy little boy. He loved running, dancing, and sliding down the stairs. He always had an amazing energy level and would never want to be left behind. He would be the first one to put his shoes on and say “let’s go daddy”. He loved playing with his big sisters and enjoyed his playroom, the backyard, riding his tricycle, climbing, playing with rocks, and playing with every ball that he could find around our house. 

We were so proud of Julian because he was very independent and he was starting to enjoy doing things on his own. He had his own toddler bed and was able to feed himself at the table. In fact, he was even learning how to pray, say thank you mommy and daddy, sorry mommy and daddy, and was always very appreciative. 

Julian left a big footprint in our lives and we will continue to honor his life and remember him every day. Until we meet again!

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