In Loving Memory of

Levi Hitchings

January 12, 2017 - March 9, 2019

Levi's Story

We asked God for a son. We asked him for a little boy to teach, to play with, to love. As time approached, we went to the hospital to be induced. It seemed as if our baby boy would never come out. We had so much fun that day preparing, dancing, and singing trying to hop and walk Levi out. God answered our prayers on January 12, 2017 when Levi Obadiah entered our life. He fit so perfectly into our family.

As Levi grew, he was very much into super heros, hulk being his absolute favorite. He loved to sing songs, especially “Old McDonald had a Farm.” He chased his sister all through the house and gave his baby brother kisses and hugs. He enjoyed helping mom put dishes away, cleaning up messes (that he made), and sitting on his daddy’s lap. Levi was all about having fun and making people laugh. His caring heart extended to his family, friends, and strangers.

Levi loved his siblings. He and his sister would compete to see who was the loudest and he definitely won with his loud screams while they would race across the house and dive laughing onto the couch. He gave his little brother his bottle or pacifier anytime he cried. He would kiss his head and touch his cheek ever so gently until he was content. He knew right away how to be gentle with his baby brother.

He was all boy. He was fearless. He would get into everything. He would run, climb, jump off furniture, ride his little 4-wheeler all through the house, but he was a gentle soul. At two years old it seemed he could sense someone’s sadness, pain, or fear. He would hug, love, or comfort anyone that he KNEW needed it especially his brother and sister.

Levi loved his Dad and would go running into his arms yelling “Daaaaddddyyyy,” every day when he came home from work. It made his Dad’s day every time.

His mother knew him longer than anyone else in the entire world. She carried him for 9 months. She felt his kicks and rolls and even if she didn’t hear him cry or touch his face, she knew him. Levi loved when his Mommy would run her fingers through his long blond hair. He would even rub her head as she rubbed his, with a sense of calmness.

Every person that knew Levi had a special bond with him, it’s just the way he was. He was our Monster Man, our little lover, our boy.

On March 9th 2019, our world completely flipped from perfect to shattered. Our healthy, loving, gentle, wild little boy never woke up from his nap. He was playing, jumping, climbing, eating, drinking, full of life that morning. The autopsy revealed no signs or causes for what took his life. Sudden unexplained death in childhood is what we are stuck with. No prediction nor prevention.

Levi’s 25 months and 25 days here, being loved by him and having the privilege to love him are well worth this pain that we will carry for the rest of our days here on earth. We will always give Levi’s life purpose by carrying the love he taught us and showing it to each other and everyone around us.

We love you Levi.


Daddy, Mommy, Sissy, and Bubby

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