In Loving Memory of

Logan Coleman

April 23, 2009 - February 23, 2012

Logan's Story

Logan was an adorable, vibrant and healthy 2 year old. He loved playing with his brother & sister and he was mommy & daddy’s baby boy. He would walk up to everyone and say “you my best friend”.

He immediately bonded with everyone he came in contact with, especially his Mother’s Day Out teacher who he called his “Nana at school”. He enjoyed school and he was learning so much including lots of cute little songs. He was always so excited to come home and show everyone what he made in school.

He was at that stage where he asked lots of questions. He loved seeing trains, helicopters and construction equipment. He would say “what they doing” and “why”. His Daddy told him the helicopter at the hospital was bringing sick people to the hospital. So any time the helicopter was not there he would say “no sick people today”.

He was an amazing kid who brought so much joy into our lives but unfortunately that life was cut way too short. After running a fever for just one night, his daddy took him to his doctor where he was diagnosed with strep throat. He came home, took a nap and never woke up again. It took 6 long months to finally find out that he had myocarditis, an infection in the heart, caused by a virus.

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Photo Gallery

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