In Loving Memory of

Luke Zachara

June 9, 2017 - February 19, 2019

Luke's Story

Everyone hopes for the all-American family – husband, wife, daughter, son, and a dog. The perfect balance of glitter tutus and hot rod cars. With the birth of our son Luke Jaxon Zachara on June 9, 2017, our picturesque family was completed. He was a handsome 8 lbs 11 oz baby boy with the most adorable dimple on one side of his cheek! Luke, or “Little Lukie” as his sister called him, filled that missing link for our family.  

When Luke was a baby, he had a hard time warming up to people.  We often called him “Stone Cold” because he was hard to make smile. Around 8 months his little personality began to emerge, and we saw that dimple often! Then, around 15 months, Luke finally started initiating contact with friends who came over. He was tough to crack at first, but eventually won everyone over with his smile, chubby cheeks, beautiful curls, and little dimple. 

Luke loved many things in life, but most of all he loved to dance. He would bend his knees awkwardly to his Blue’s Clues music when he was young, and he quickly advanced to moving his shoulders and waist with Sesame Street. We would have dance parties in the living room and Luke would enjoy every moment.  His favorite toys were also anything that played music – I’m sure we all heard the Mickey Mouse “Hot-Diggity Dog” song in our sleep.  And when driving in the car, Luke would bob his head to the music. He just wanted to get his groove on all the time!  
Luke also loved to read.  He was the most precious reader. Our favorite memories are of him bringing his favorite books to you, turning his little body around and plopping in your lap to read a story to him. Luke had a great attention for books and loved to sit, listen and turn the pages.  

Luke also loved the outdoors to no end.  He could spend all day outside.  Luke loved going for
long walks in the wagon around the neighborhood, playing at the park, trying to keep up with his sister running around, jumping on trampolines, and even bundled for the snow! There was never a time he didn’t want to be outside.   

Luke loved life.  He was a happy baby – smiling, dancing, and clapping. As he got older, Luke enjoyed picking on his sister, pushing her over and falling on top of her like a weight.  He also loved pushing limits, especially when it came to climbing on toys. He just had to know he could conquer whatever it was he wanted to do! He was definitely going to be our daredevil.   

We imagined that Luke would conquer his goals, be kind, loving, persistent, be a great dad, husband, and brother and forge his own path through life. It’s amazing how characteristics can develop so young from play!  However, those days of verification would never come.

In November 2018, Luke had his one and only febrile seizure when his fever spiked quickly.  His mom was put to ease since it happened in the doctor’s office. The doctor informed her that it was normal for children and he canceled the ambulance. Almost three months later, a perfectly healthy toddler with a runny nose was put to bed for the night. By the morning, when his dad went to get him, he found Luke unresponsive. CPR was given immediately but it was too late.  Luke became an angel on February 19, 2019. 

It is hard to put into words the emptiness that is left. Luke is forever in the hearts of the many people he touched. His life will be remembered through the pictures, stories, and the Love for Luke fundraisers that will take place. Even with the emptiness that is left and the grief that consumes us, we would do it all again to have you in our lives for those 20 months. We had that short time with you, but we filled it with great family memories, love, vacations, and the BEST hugs and kisses anyone could give. You were our precious gift. Until we meet again sweet baby boy…

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