In Loving Memory of

Lyla Kay Gintz

December 19, 2009 - March 14, 2011

Lyla's Story

Lyla’s story begins on December 19, 2009. Lyla was born in Spokane, WA after a wonderful pregnancy and easy delivery. She weighed 6 lbs 12 oz. and the doctor said she was “perfect.”. She came into this world wide-eyed and alert, surrounded by lots of family. When they placed that pink bundle of joy in my arms, I was overwhelmed with happiness. After having a son, I was overjoyed to have a little girl. Lyla was a dream come true!

Lyla was a very happy and content baby. She rarely fussed or cried. She was content to sit and play with her toys and watch her big brother run around. Her favorite things were books, dolls, and music. She also loved to eat! She liked almost any kind of food. Lyla just loved life and always had a bright smile on her face. She was easy-going and went with the flow. Mommy had way too much fun shopping for lots of pink and frilly clothes and Lyla was always dressed to perfection! She sat up at 6 months, crawled at 11 months, and walked at 12 months. Lyla also had a servant heart. Anything Mommy or Daddy asked her to do, she would put a smile on her face and do it. She would go and get things for us, throw her diapers in the trash, and even handed Mommy her towel when she got out of the shower every morning.

Landon, our older son, was 3 and half years old when Lyla was born and he adored his baby sister. Landon and Lyla did everything together and Landon was very protective of his little sissy. He was always there to come to her rescue. He even went to the church nursery with her, instead of his own class, so he could play with her and protect her. Landon and Lyla spent everyday playing and teasing one another. He had countless tea parties with her and played dolls with her. She on the other hand, had to be rescued many times by “Firefighter Landon” and often found herself surrounded by trucks and battlefields of soldier guys. Landon could always make Lyla laugh and she had the silliest little laugh. Bath time was Landon and Lyla’s favorite. On one such incidence, big brother Landon was showing Lyla how to “toot” in the bath and create bubbles. Lyla laughed and thought this was so funny and decided to try it herself. She pushed down, but instead of tooting, she ended up pooping!

Lyla was loved by all and she knew it! She spent lots of time at her Grandma and Papa’s and at her Mimi and Poppy’s. She was constantly teased by her Papa and Landon would frequently tell his Papa, “Papa, quit teasing Lyla!”

One of our favorite memories of Lyla happened the day before she passed away. We were practicing to lead worship at church on Sunday. Daddy was playing guitar, Mommy was singing, and Landon was playing on a drum. Lyla left the room, went to the playroom all by herself and came back with a little guitar and joined in the “family band.” We were amazed at how smart she was!

Lyla’s last day on earth was spent going to church, having lunch with family, and having a quiet evening at home. We put her to bed around 8:00pm. At 2:30 she woke up (which was typical of Lyla, she was never a great sleeper) and I rocked her back to sleep. It was a precious time for Lyla and I, although I had no idea it would be our last cuddle. I kissed her and put her back in her crib. The next morning on March 14, 2011 when Lyla was almost 15 months old, I found her not breathing and lifeless in her crib. Lyla’s daddy is a volunteer firefigher and his fellow firefighters did all they could to try to save her, but she had left our earthly arms and entered into her Heavenly Father’s. It gives us comfort to know that she passed away quietly in her sleep. Although we miss her terribly and know our lives are forever changed, we can’t wait to see her in Heaven someday.

Lyla was always a very healthy child, rarely got sick and was just full of life and energy. Her death was labeled SUDC. We still question what happened to our little princess and why, but we know there was a big purpose in her short little life. We have faith that we will see her again someday and we have been given so much peace and comfort from our Heavenly Father.

We feel so blessed to have had Lyla for 14 precious months and we will cherish those wonderful memories forever.

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