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Caring for Parents after the Sudden Death of a Child

Sudden unexplained death in infants and children is responsible for more deaths than pediatric cancer or heart disease and is the leading cause of postneonatal mortality in most advanced economies throughout the world. There are important questions about increased risks in other children in the

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Sibling Loss: Experiencing Grief Through a Child’s Eyes

Two years ago, a passing fire truck captured my then 3-year-old daughter Tessa’s attention. She didn’t comment on its spinning lights or blaring siren, like young children often do. “There’s the truck that takes kids to heaven,” she said. On October 25, 2016, our healthy

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Kisses for Conor

I am a pediatrician mom. I became a pediatrician before I became a mom, but I have always considered myself a mom first and a pediatrician second. However, the reality is that the 2 are intrinsically linked. This was never more apparent to me than

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