In Loving Memory of

Poppy Pargeter

September 14, 2016 - February 16, 2018

Poppy's Story


Our beautiful baby Poppy was born on Thursday 14th September 2016.  She came into this world so quickly, within two hours we met our beautiful girl, she was absolutely perfect. She had lovely blue eyes and blond hair.  

From when she was tiny, Poppy absolutely adored her big brother Hugo and big sister Florence. The three of them had such lovely times together-playing with their toys, with a little pushchair and her dolls. She really loved dancing and singing to her Peppa Pig toy.  

Even though Poppy was the youngest of the three she loved being a big girl-putting her shoes on when leaving the house, she liked to wear a green bangle, she liked to carry round a little bag and loved having her hair done in a pony tail like her sister although she had little hair! She was a cheeky monkey always trying to climb out of her pushchair and she found taking her brothers toys from him so funny! 

This little girl gave the most amazing cuddles.  Poppy adored me and her Daddy. She would always wake up in the morning, find her Daddy for a cuddle and for a back rub. She loved taking selfies and videos with Daddy too! Poppy loved me so much too-she loved climbing on me and kissing me, and she would never even let me have a bath alone, she would always be there. 

Every time we changed her nappy we would count to 10, she would always join in on number 6! Poppy was never in childcare-she spent every day with me. She loved going to the park, going for a drink & cake and enjoyed going to toddler groups, she would be so gentle with any little babies at the groups. She was such a character-loved finding clothes and wrapping them around herself.  Poppy was a very quick little girl. If you turned your back, she would be gone! She may have been little, but she was fast! We just loved her so, so much.  

Poppy loved cheese savouries, cheese, pizza, pasta but best of all she loved her milk.  Every morning Poppy wanted a different breakfast – some mornings toast, some mornings cereal, some mornings yogurt other mornings it could be eggs, bacon, beans or sausage! 

All our family and friends adored Poppy. Everyone who met Poppy loved her cheeky and kind nature – she was always happy and smiley. Poppy was just so good – she never complained, even if she had a fever, she would still be happy and carried on playing.  

She was a perfect little girl. She was such an important part of our family.  

On the morning of Thursday 15th February 2018 Poppy woke up with a fever, but with Calpol it came down. Poppy spent the day with her siblings, some friends and was just so happy and loving life eating chocolate buttons and wotsits.  At the end of the day, she danced in the kitchen with her Daddy, she noticed her bottle on the side, pointed to it and wanted to go up to bed! She climbed up the stairs and toddled into her room that she shared with Florence.  

The girls loved each other so much – Florence was making Poppy giggle so much that night. Then at 6:30pm I went into their room and said everyone must go to sleep now! 

The next morning, at 8:20am Poppy was not awake. So, I went upstairs to bring her down for her breakfast and to get ready to go to the park.  As I walked up the stairs, my mother’s instinct told me that something was not right. When I went into her room, I found that our beautiful perfect Poppy had died in her sleep.  

From that moment on our hearts were forever broken. The emergency services were called but there was nothing anyone could do, paramedics confirmed our precious little girl had gone.  

After a thorough investigation and a long 4 month wait, they could not find a reason why Poppy had died, and we were told that Poppy’s death would be categorised as Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood. (SUDC) 

With today’s limited science they do not know why happy, healthy children are dying. Research into SUDC is not government funded, it’s just private donations. This is why we need to raise money so more research can be done. Maybe one day we will find out why our Poppy died and hopefully we can stop further tragedies happening to other families.  

She was a perfect little girl and she should have woken up.  

Amy, Poppy’s Mummy x

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