SUDC Registry & Research Collaborative

About the Registry and Research Collaborative

The SUDC Registry and Research Collaborative will assist families and the medicolegal death investigation community when these tragedies occur. Before you make your decision to participate in the SUDC Registry and Research Collaborative, however, you will need to know what the study is about, the possible risks and benefits, and what your participation would involve. You may also decide to discuss the study with your family, friends or doctor before making a decision. Please take your time to make your decision and please be sure to ask the study investigators any questions that you may have.

The Purpose of the SUDC Registry and Research Collaborative is...

The purpose is to increase the understanding of the characteristics, circumstances, medical histories and pathologies of children from ages 11 months through 18 years who have died suddenly and unexpectedly, and in some instances, without explanation. The SUDC Registry and Research Collaborative will analyze cases of sudden unexpected deaths in these children to understand risk factors and causes, and develop preventative measures.

By bringing together these rare cases, we hope to support grieving families with a greater understanding of their child’s death and support medical research efforts into all causes of Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood.

The SUDC Registry and Research Collaborative will...

  • Review the child’s death, medical and family history by our study pathologists (including forensic, pediatric, cardiac and neuropathologists) to determine whether a possible, probable or definite cause of death can be identified and whether additional studies might be helpful in determining a specific cause of death.
  • For case investigations that are open/active, the registry offers cardiac pathology, and neuroimaging/neuropathology consultations.
  • For those cases determined to be unexplained/undetermined- access to genetic analysis (whole exome sequencing) when viable samples are available. Additional genetic analysis opportunities for biological parents and some family members. For more information, please see our Genetics Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Study the risks that lead to sudden unexplained death in childhood (SUDC).
  • Provide families with a review of their child’s death through a case review report.
  • Identify at-risk individuals with the hopes of gaining knowledge to establish prevention strategies to reduce the chances of sudden unexplained death in the future.

Participation Requirements include...

  • Participants must be a parent or guardian of a child from 11 months through 18 years of age who has died suddenly and unexpectedly where the cause is unknown or unclear, and where an investigation has occurred.
  • Exclusion criteria: Cases of apparent suicide, apparent homicide or accident where the external cause was the obvious and only reason for death would be excluded.



Principal Investigator:
Orrin Devinsky, MD, Neurology

NYU Langone Medical Center, NY, NY:

Daniel Friedman, MD, Neurology
John Pappas, MD, Genetics
Frank Cecchin, MD Pediatric Cardiology
Colin Phoon, MD, Pediatric Cardiology
Christopher William, MD PhD Neuropathology
Laura Crandall, MA, SUDC
Mikhail Kazachkov, MD, Ped Pulmonology
Sanjeev V. Kothare, MD, Pediatric Neurology
Heather A. Lau, MD, Metabolic/Genetics
Jennifer Lighter, MD, Infectious Disease
Timothy  Shepherd, MD, PhD, Neuroradiology
Matija Snuderl, MD, Neuropathology
Tom Wisniewski, MD, Neuropathology
Arline Faustin, MD Neuropathology
Denis Chang, MD Pediatrics
Rachel Rabin, Genetics
Declan McGuone, Neuropathology

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN:
Peter Lin, MD, Forensic Pathology
Joseph Maleszewski, MD, Cardiac Pathology
Ross Reichard, MD, FP/Neuropathology
Michael Ackerman, MD, PhD, Pediatric Cardiology

Columbia University Medical Center, NY, NY:
David Goldstein, PhD, Genetics
Dale Hesdorffer, PhD, Neuroepidemiologist

Forensic Pathology Collaborators:
Tom Andrew, MD
Kelly Lear, MD
J.C. Upshaw Downs, MD
Kristen Landi, MD
Kristin Roman, MD
Keith Pinckard, MD, PhD
Heather Jarrell, MD
Candace Schoppe, MD
Katherine Maloney, MD

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