In Loving Memory of

Rogan Peter Bullas

June 27, 2017 - February 19, 2019

Rogan's Story

Rogan Peter Bullas was the second Triplet born on Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 8.14 am along with his sister Amiya (first born) and identical twin brother Rico (third born) at Nottingham City Hospital. They all spent their first day in the NICU and then just over a week on the ward as they were tube fed with Mummy Beth and Daddy Vijay both very proud parents. We were later allowed home on Thursday 6th July 2017 to start our new life as a family of 5.

Our new life was perfect and very hectic which soon become normal to us and we were very grateful to have all the help and support from family and friends. Rogan was such a happy, smiley, beautiful little boy who was the peace maker between his sister and brother who loved him so much. As triplets they shared such a special close bond which breaks my heart it has now been broken. Rogan loved to be the center of attention and make people laugh with the silly things he did. He enjoyed looking for birds out of the living room patio window and got very excited when he finally saw one. His favourite food was banana and would often nick pieces out of his sister and brothers bowl at snack time when he had eaten all of his, He was so cheeky.

Tuesday 19th February started off like any other morning with his sister Amiya waking up first around 6.45 am. Daddy was already up for work, so he had made three bottles ready for the gang (as we call them). He went into Amiya room handing her a bottle and putting the TV on, then checking on the boys and telling me they were both still fast asleep. Around 5 minutes later I heard noises from the boys’ room and assumed they were both up. I picked up their bottles and TV remote and went in. Rico was up, and Rogan I thought was still asleep, laying on his front but that didn’t concern me as that was how he usually slept. I popped on the TV which would normally disturb whoever was still sleeping and they would move slightly but he didn’t. I handed Rico his bottle which he pushed away stood and started screaming looking over at Rogan in his cot. Rogan still didn’t move and now I started to panic. I went over to Rogan and as i touched him he felt cold and hard. As I turned him over my heart sunk, he was stiff, both arms up by his face, blue lips, unresponsive and not breathing. I screamed to my partner who luckily hadn’t left for work yet “Rogan is Dead”. He ran up the stairs grabbing Rogan and screaming, “NO, NO!”.

He ran downstairs where him and his friend who was picking him up for work performed CPR while I rang an ambulance. After that seems a bit of a blur. We went in the ambulance to Kings mill Hospital, when we arrived they rushed Rogan straight in and we waited in a side room. Within 10 minutes a doctor came in and began saying “we have done all we can but” and before he finished I knew what was coming my son was dead. How, Why, it just doesn’t make sense and still doesn’t now.

The day before he seemed fine, his mammar came over in the morning before his nap and in the afternoon my best friend Chloe and her little boy Nico came over for a play date. We had a lovely afternoon colouring, dancing and having fun and now he gone. Rogan was loved by so many people and his memory will live on forever. His life was cut way to short and he will be truly missed by everyone. He brought so much joy and happiness into everyone life who was lucky enough to have known him and we are so proud to call him our Son. 

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