In Loving Memory of

Saxon Royce Burdeniuk

July 29, 2021 - March 14, 2023

Saxon's Story

Saxon Royce Burdeniuk along with his twin sister Tovah came earth side on July 29, 2021. We anticipated their arrival from the moment we found out we were having twins. As soon as he made his debut, he was the sweetest angel baby. Quiet, sweet, and patient are just a few of the qualities he had that we cherished very much, especially since his twin sister is the wild one. He enjoyed playing the drums with daddy, relaxing with mommy, and playing with sissy. He is the light of our lives and will be forevermore.


He has been the greatest gift we ever received, and that we loved here on earth for just a short time. Although he isn’t here physically, our love for him continues to grow with each passing day. He is also the greatest loss we will ever endure. At nearly 20 months old the impact he made was equal to that of someone who lived a full life. All our lives will never be the same because we have known him, loved him, and lost him.


You would never think that your time with your children could get cut short. Each day we rise is a beautiful gift. We want to honour our sweet angel boy in any way we can. Footprints for Saxon was created to bring awareness, help fund research, support the services of the SUDC Foundation, and to honour Saxon. His memory will live on through us until we can hold him in our arms again.

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Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. For us, it is priceless for pictures and memories are all we have left.

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