Services Enrollment Form

Step 1: Review our Community Commitment and Guidelines for Participation in Family Services

Updated guidelines for participation in the SUDC Foundation's Family Services (Last modified May2023):

  • Participants in the SUDC Foundation's Family Services programming are expected to be kind, collaborative, and adhere to the guidelines outlined below. Failure to do so may result in removal from the services.
  • Participation in advocacy efforts or media outreach (interviews, etc.) is voluntary. If a participant decides to participate, they should proactively work with the SUDC Foundation prior to doing so and consider applying to the SUDC Foundation's Ambassador Program.
  • Privacy is important, and personal information should not be shared with anyone outside the service for which it is intended to be used. The SUDC Foundation may share information with proper agencies if a person reveals that they want to injure themselves or others.
  • The SUDC Foundation reserves the right to refuse services or to amend the guidelines as needed. This consent form is not a binding contract for services.
  • Participants can contact the SUDC Foundation by phone or email with any issues, concerns, or new service ideas.

    Guidelines for an online support group (FACEBOOK AND THE SUDC NETWORK):

  • The online community is moderated by SUDC Foundation staff, who make decisions and provide outreach to members in need.
  • Members cannot block any SUDC Foundation staff on social media platforms.
  • Removal of posts and comments without notice is at the discretion of moderators and administrators, but members can contact a moderator if they feel their post was removed in error.
  • The groups are closed and confidential; members cannot share anyone's personal stories outside of the group.
  • Members should exercise caution with their private information and not use any contact information shared in the group without expressed permission.
  • If a member has concerns about a person or post, they should seek recourse with administrators rather than blocking or reporting another member.
  • Members are not required to connect outside of the SUDC Foundation's online groups.
  • Respectful communication is always expected in online groups. This includes refraining from bullying, inappropriate behavior, offensive language, personal attacks, and discriminatory language. Additionally, remember that group discussions involve many people, so be mindful of not dominating the conversation and respectful of the fact that silence does not necessarily indicate agreement.
  • Speculation should be avoided as it can cause guilt and anxiety for others.
  • The Foundation respects the beliefs of all members and does not espouse any specific ideology.
  • Members should preface any helpful articles or resources they share with a message post.
  • The groups cannot be used for advertising or soliciting.

Step 2: Request services through the Services Enrollment Form

Welcome to the SUDC Foundation

We extend our deepest sympathies to you and your family and hope our services and support will provide guidance and comfort. The SUDC Foundation is devoted to high-quality research, accurate information, financial transparency and emotional support for families affected by sudden unexpected and/or unexplained deaths in childhood. We provide a range of services – at no cost – to any such family. Receiving any of the SUDC Foundation’s services makes you a registered member of the SUDC Community. Receiving, continuing or discontinuing the services provided by the SUDC Foundation is a decision made by each registered member. The SUDC Foundation also has high expectations of itself and the Community it has created – one devoted to research-based science, mutual respect, integrity, compassion and safety for all its registered members. To maintain that commitment, the SUDC Foundation expects all members who wish to be a part of the Community to be willing to share these ideals and work collaboratively within the Community. If you have any questions about the SUDC Foundation Community, services or this form, please contact us at 1-800-620-SUDC or [email protected].

Emergency Contact Information

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