Facebook Fundraising


Help raise funds to support the mission of the SUDC Foundation by hosting your own personal Fundraising campaign on Facebook.

Fundraising on Facebook for the SUDC Foundation couldn’t be easier.  It only takes a few easy clicks to set up. 

How to Create Your Own Facebook Fundraiser

1. Visit the SUDC Foundation's Facebook Page here
2. Scroll down to the Fundraiser section and click “Create”.
3. Enter your goal and how long you would like your Fundraiser to run.  
4. Give your Fundraiser a name and explain why you are raising money.  Share your personal connection and experience with the SUDC Foundation. Some SUDC key messages have been included below. Feel free to incorporate what you think is most meaningful. 
5. Select a cover photo.  If you have a SUDC loved one consider uploading their image
6. Click Create.  
7. Encourage family and friends to share your Facebook fundraiser. 

Key Message Ideas

  • In honor of my child's birthday or anniversary, please help me give the gift of hope to families shattered by SUDC. 
  • Your donation will directly help families like ours by helping the SUDC Foundation achieve its mission to promote awareness, advocate for research and support those affected by SUDC.

Others points that you can add that will help you personalize:

  • The SUDC Foundation supports over 800 families in 17 countries, with personalized care from licensed clinical social workers and cultivates a community of support for bereaved families so no one grieves alone. 
  • The SUDC Foundation helps families navigate the difficult and confusing investigation into their child’s death, and assist in accessing research and DNA services which could lead to answers on what may have happened to their child. 
  • The SUDC Foundation provides grants for research that will further our understanding of the causes and ways to prevent SUDC. 
  • The SUDC Foundation provides resources to help medical examiners, coroners, pediatricians and other doctors care for and communicate with families experiencing the sudden, unexpected and unexplained loss of a child. 
  • The SUDC Foundation supports efforts, including legislative, to ensure comprehensive and standardized death investigations and thorough data collection to improve our understanding of SUDC. We also advocate for fair and appropriate treatment of families. 
  • SUDC is the fifth leading category of death in children ages one to four, yet SUDC receives no public funding.
  • The SUDC Foundation provides all services at no cost to the people we serve. These services are made possible by valued supporters like you.