In Loving Memory of

Callum Collett

May 3, 2013 - July 27, 2014

Callum's Story

Callum was a content baby who was nursed until he was 10 months old. He would let us know that he loved the cuddles and attention he had from his family by showing us his beaming smile early on.

He was a healthy, happy, typically curious toddler who had a laid back personality. He adored his older sibling Caitlin who had asked every day since she was 2½, not for a new baby, but for a baby brother. Her wishing every bedtime had finally come true and when he arrived, our worry of younger sibling jealousy was squashed instantly when we saw the love and continuous bond between Callum and his big sister.

Callum loved to eat and was nicknamed at home as ‘the shovel’, as his hand would continue to try and put food in his mouth even when it was already full.

He was curious to explore all the usual things a toddler does, and sometimes things he shouldn’t. Indoors, he would giggle if he managed to pull items from the kitchen cupboards, or was able to free a hidden wire. He loved to use the sweeping brush and the hoover and would screech when it was on until he had a turn himself. He adored the water and bathtime was one of his favourite times of the day. He would get excited when he saw the swimming pool or water park and loved animals. He would use his legendary shriek and wave his arms so fast you’d think he was going to take off and fly, if he couldn’t reach a passing dog quick enough.

His favourite tv programme was Henry Hugglemonster, he loved to play with a ball, he would chuckle at his favorite red v-tech car and from early on showed his caring personality by lying next to any soft toy that was there. If we made loving sounds such as ‘awww’ he wouldn’t kiss the ted, with his wide open mouthed kiss that he also gave us all when he knew it as bedtime. Callum also loved to be outdoors. He opened his mouth wide and closed his eyes when the wind was in his face and he was at his happiest at the park with his family where he would crawl to find and pick daises (and usually try to eat them). 

Callum went to daycare twice a week and we heard stories that his communication there too, was to shriek in delight louder and louder until it was understood what it was he wanted to play with (or eat). He was very social with other toddlers at playgroups, loved to get involved with the older children in his family when visiting and even at his young age he seemed to like the small babies he met and pat them with his love. Callum was learning very quickly to mimic all the things his big sister Caitlin could teach him and in his short life showed us how much love he had for us, and for life.

He was loved immensely and we miss him terribly. Every day we wonder why isn’t he here, why Callum? We can’t answer the questions of his sister that doesn’t understand why, why he simply didn’t wake up, why he never got to meet his younger sister by just a few weeks. Our normal will never be the same and this is why we will continue to raise funds for SUDC, so that one day we, and families like ours, that have the painful knowledge that their child’s future is no more, may have an answer to their questions and an explanation for the loss of their child’s life.

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