In Loving Memory of

Ethan James Fackrell

November 15, 1998 - May 26, 2014

Ethan's Story

One of my favorite stories of Ethan is from when he was 3 years old. We were in a Medieval recreation group called the Society for Creative Anachronism. We are at a camping event, where many activities were available. Ethan was on the field, in ‘armor’, learning how to spar using padded weapons. After his fight, he ran off the field, stripping off his armor, to attend a belly dancing class with me. This, to me, sums up his personality. Ethan always wanted to try something new.  As he grew up, this trait stayed with him.  

Ethan was an active, smiling 15 year old. He loved music and played the trombone in the school band, along with teaching himself to play guitar. Ethan enjoyed being outdoors. He was a First Class Boy Scout and would go hunting and fishing with his dad and brother. Our family loves to camp and geocache on hikes. Reading was a favorite pastime and the Harry Potter books were one of his favorite series. Our trip to Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a family highlight. Ethan never knew a stranger. New kids at school were invited to his table and he was very loyal to his friends. When he passed, we heard so many stories from people about how he was the first person they met or how he was trusted with secrets and for help.  He planned to go to the University of Alabama to be a Forensic Scientist, as he wanted to help people get justice.
On May 26, Memorial Day, Ethan had just finished making crepe batter for a French assignment when he collapsed in the kitchen. Somewhere between his brain and his heart, his heart stopped receiving the signal to beat. After extensive testing for several months, it was determined he passed away from Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC). 

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Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. For us, it is priceless for pictures and memories are all we have left.

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