In Loving Memory of

Kaelyn Callender

January 14, 2009 - May 21, 2010

Kaelyn's Story

I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. January 14th 3:30 am my water breaks, but nothing is open. I wait till 8 to call my doctor and she says “GET TO THE HOSPITAL!” At 7:12pm i gave birth to my first child, the most beautiful little girl in the world. I remember holding her for the first time, I never knew true love until I held this little gift from God in my hands. She was so precious and sweet. She made life worth living, waking every day to see her face. I feel so blessed to have had our princess at the same Hospital that her mommy was born at. *Cherish*

Her daddy finally met her when she was a month old and he was wrapped around that little finger of hers. He could not stop holding her, even when she was asleep. He was gone when I had her, fighting for our rights, but he loved seeing her everyday till he came home on webcam. When she was just 3 months old she took her first plane ride! Kaelyn, me and her daddy and her grand pop went to the big island for a week. Boy did she love that!

In June of 09’ and we moved from Hawaii all the way across the united states to Georgia. That was a BIG move but it was worth it. When we first got there we took a very very very long drive from Georgia to Maryland so daddy’s side could meet her. She loved the attention! On that journey she went to 4 states, South & North Carolina, Virgina and of course Maryland. On our way home we stopped and spent a few days in Myrtle Beach, that was tons of fun. Then we got our little puppy, well I wouldn’t exactly say “little” he was little when we first got him. His name is Koda and he is an English Mastiff.

October, November and December came around and boy were they great months. She started walking in November and boy i still remember that day. I screamed bloody murder because i was so excited to see my little bug walking. After that NOTHING was safe! She was into everything, she loved getting into mommy’s pots and pans that i finally gave in and had to buy those locks for the cabinets. And oh boy did she love putting her hands in the doggy bowl!  Her and that puppy were best friends. December came and she got the best Christmas that her mommy and daddy could give her and she was so happy with everything that she got. And on the start of the new year mommy and daddy found out that she was going to have a little brother or a little sister!

On January 14th our sweet little girl turned one and mommy made her her first own cake and it was a GIANT CUPCAKE! She had a blast eating it, but was more interested in the frosting then the cake itself…too cute! She didn’t get to much for her birthday since Christmas was right before and come on there’s only so much you can buy a little girl…LOL! Also after her 1st birthday something very scary happened, our baby girl had a fever seizure in the car while we were driving home from the hospital (her daddy had to get tests done) and we got taken there in a ambulance. We spent a very long time in the emergency room and i was so scared and worried for her. She had tons of things done to her and they said that it could have been from her shots that she had gotten a week before. Boy was that the scariest thing in my entire life; or so i thought.

Then in February we got to experience the most awesome thing, me and my princess got to see SNOW! She was my little snow bunny for a day or so. It was great that she got to see snow at such a young age.

In March we decided that it was time to move into a bigger place because our dog was getting too too big and we wanted to have more space for when her little brother came to join us. We got a very nice house in Alabama that was just right for us. She had so much fun in that house, there were so many little spaces she could get into so many!

Mommy and Kaelyn spent everyday together, she would wake me by giggling and yelling in her bed. And mommy would come and get her and wed start our day. She loved watching her morning cartoons, wed watch Mickey Mouse Club House, Handy Manny, and her Favorite of them all was Imagination Movers; she would shake her little toosh like there was no tomorrow! And she loved giving her little brother kisses through mommy’s belly!!

On May 7th me and my love finally got married and she was very excited, she got all dressed up and was just a blast. On the 20th of May her daddy had to go out of town for his job and the last time that he saw her was that day when i went and took him some food before he left. That day me and her did nothing but fun, wed tickle and we play and we just enjoy each other. Then I got her ready for bed, and at 8:00pm I put our princess to bed, she blew kisses and I said that daddy loves her very much. May 21st I woke early because I had a doctors app and I went to wake my princess and she was unresponsive. I picked her up and called 911. They called her as dead at about 7:00am. I was so so devastated and so was her father who was still 2 hours away. That was the most horrific day of our lives. There was no reason that she should have been taken from us. We did nothing but love on her and give her everything that we could.

On May 28th she was laid to rest next to her great grand pop, and she was put a little deeper so that when her daddy dies, he can lay right there on top of her and watch over her and mommy will be right next to her. After everything, we received the cause of death and it was SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood). I don’t understand how this happened to her and I probably never will. But this sweet girl is in our hearts as well as those hearts that she touched, and let me tell you she touched many many hearts. She will never be forgotten.

We all love and Miss you our sweet baby girl! Kaelyn Emilia-Hart Callender

Mommy and Daddy

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