In Loving Memory of

Kameron Jae Cole Timmons

July 23, 2019 - September 18, 2020

Kameron's Story

Kameron Jae Cole Timmons was born on July 23rd 2019 in Chanute, Kansas. Our world stopped spinning as soon as we heard his cry, and our hearts were filled with nothing but pure love for him, he was 8.12lb and 21 1/4inches of absolute perfection! We promised Kameron we were going to give him the world, but instead he gave us an even bigger, and brighter world to live in. Kameron grew stronger, and smarter with every second of every day. Little by little he was beginning to learn just how ornery he could be! He was our “little monster”. He loved making messes and as soon as he could walk, he was running around like his older brothers, they were his biggest supporters, teachers and best friend! He loved listening to music, and singing “down by the bay” continuously everyday. Kameron loved everyone, strangers never existed to him. All it took was one look from his big blue eyes and huge smile and he would melt your heart and touch your soul. Kameron’s last day on earth was spent playing outside with his brothers and dog Max, dancing like a wild man with daddy, singing with mommy, and being his silly little self. Little did we know our world was about to stop turning again. When we decided it was time to lay him down for bed. We kissed him goodnight and told him “night night bubby, see you in the morning”. He just smiled ear to ear, wave his precious little hand, and said “night night” back to us. About an hour later we went to check on him before going to bed and he was unresponsive, our minds went into complete shock. We performed CPR until EMS arrived, and rushed him to the hospital, despite all efforts the doctor could never regain a pulse. In a blink of an eye our sweet boy was gone.

If we would have known our world was going to stop again that night we would’ve cherished the moments a little longer, held him a little tighter, and kissed him a million more times!

We made a promise to our angel while saying goodbye “Kameron, we are going to make you so proud of everything we do, it will always be for you baby”.

SUDC foundation is making sure we keep that promise by allowing us to help find a reason, and eventually be able to prevent another family from suffering such a tragic loss!

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A picture is worth a thousand words. For us, it is priceless for pictures and memories are all we have left.

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