In Loving Memory of

Ryan Jacob Fierro

August 26 2006 - June 30 2008

Ryan's Story

I went into labor on Aug 26,2005, my second day of leave, 3 1/2 weeks away from due date. Ryan was ready; we were surprised.  After 14 hours of labor daddy finally got his fishing buddy and Victoria, Ryan’s sister, got her “real baby” to play with. Victoria watched him come into this world. The love my son received from friends, co-workers, neighbors and even local store employees was amazing. How could someone so small attract so much attention? His passing was devastating to all who knew him.

Ryan was was obsessed with cell phones. He did his sister a favor by throwing hers down the heating duct resulting in her getting a new one. He even decided to throw a cell phone down the toilet and flush it! We had to get a new toilet. Ryan’s love for balls was endless. At age 15 months he was pitching a good game. He would throw a ball to anyone. He later enjoyed throwing everything and anything. I was a casualty; never again did I take a nap with him around. Ryan would also interfere with his sister’s volleyball games because he would enter the court to go after the balls.

On June 30, 2008 my family’s lives had forever shattered, our dreams ended and our nightmare began. Daddy’s dream of fishing with Ryan someday was shattered. Anyone who knew him felt this shattered dream too. After Ryan’s passing we had no closure.  He went to sleep and never woke up.  Wanting to honor his memory, Ryan’s headstone was designed to reflect what he loved on earth.  It was engraved with a ball, a cellphone, Barney and Elmo.  His love and passion for these four things are what my little boy enjoyed most.  We were blessed for 22 months with our precious Ryan.

Victoria’s loss of her brother is the hardest to bear. I cannot fix the pain and grief she has over the loss of her brother. Victoria was never too busy for Ryan. She couldn’t wait to get him out of bed. We loved listening to him chit chat to himself every morning waiting for us to get him out of bed. He never fussed or cried. He was content with whatever he was doing. He had dark brown hair with a chunk of blond hair in back of head. He had brown eyes outlined with dark blue, a dimpled chin and the most gorgeous full head of hair.

Elmo and Barney were his favorite. He would sit in his mini lazy boy recliner eating cheerios and froot loops. He loved food. If you ate in front of him you best share. We have memories but no future.


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