Spotlight on SUDC: Nathan’s Story

Spotlight on SUDC: Nathan’s Story

Nathan’s story is lovingly told by his family.

Nathan came into this world of his own choosing. We had set his induction date for February 9, 2013, (so he could share his birthday with a grandfather he would never meet). However, Nathan decided his own birthday and came into the world at 1:03 am, February 10, 2013 (just missing the date we wanted by 1 hour and 3 mins) and weighing 5lb 12oz. After his birth, we were so happy. Our family was complete. My husband and I had our little girl (who was almost 3) and our baby boy–we didn’t need anything else.

Never did we realize our happy family was only for a short time. In the 23 months we had Nathan he filled our days with wonder, curiosity, and joy. He was the strong, determined, silent type but he knew exactly what he wanted and had his own way of communicating it to you. He also had a “chill” factor where he would just kick back and relax, whether it was stretched out cuddles after a “baba” (with hands behind his head), or curdled up in your arms.

He had a charming way about him. The way he could steal your heart with a glance of his big blue eyes and long eyelashes. He would give you that cheeky smirk or grin and you couldn’t help but laugh and fall more in love with him. He loved to be with his sister. She would read and play with him and the laughter from the two of them would cheer up any bad day. He also loved playing the “Nater Monster” game and chase his sister and his friend around the yard and do everything that they did.

Our lives changed forever on January 10, 2015. We lost a piece of our family that can never be replaced. We have his photos and our memories and we will hold onto those as close to our hearts as we can and never let them go. He will not only be forever our baby boy, he will always be forever our angel. We love and miss you Nater!

Love Momma, Daddy and Makayla
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Nathan’s story is also featured on the SUDC Foundation’s Memorial Instagram page, which shares individual stories of children lost to SUDC. Please follow us @sudc_memorial. If you would like your child to be included on our Instagram Memorial page, please email us at [email protected].

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