March is SUDC Awareness Month!

The SUDC Foundation is once again leading efforts to raise awareness of SUDC around the world.

Please see below for a full list of activities and ways you can get involved. Each week the SUDC Foundation’s social media will feature efforts for the week, so please be sure to “like” and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date! And please share our posts including #SUDCAwareness!

In conjunction with the below activities, we have asked each U.S. State to proclaim March as SUDC Awareness Month. Last year, 43 U.S. States joined us. This year we are shooting for all 50!  Follow the action here.

Canadian residents can support a proposal that would create a new 12-week bereavement leave for parents dealing with the death of a child by signing this petition here to the Canadian House of Commons. Signatures will be accepted until May 2nd, 2019.

We are the only organization worldwide whose purpose is to promote awareness, advocate for research, and support those affected by SUDC. SUDC is the fifth leading category of death in children ages one to four, yet SUDC receives no public funding. The SUDC Foundation provides all services at no cost to families.

Kick off SUDC Awareness Month by adding a frame to your Facebook picture for the entire month.

How to add your SUDC Frame:

From your desktop:

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Hover your cursor over your provide picture and click on the "Update" icon when it appears. 
  3. Select "Add Frame."
  4. Search for "SUDC Foundation."
  5. Select the SUDC Awareness frame. You can also customize the length of time at the bottom of the window, so please be sure to select the entire month of March!
  6. Hit "Use as a Profile Picture." 

From your mobile device:

  1. Log in to Facebook. 
  2. Click on the camera icon on your profile picture and select "Add Frame."
  3. Search for "SUDC Foundation."
  4. Select the SUDC Awareness frame. 

You can also help raise awareness of SUDC and support the mission of the SUDC Foundation by creating a Facebook Fundraiser. Click here to create your fundraiser. 

Remember a child lost to SUDC by wearing your favorite SUDC Foundation or other memorial T-shirt, pin, hat, jewelry or any other memorabilia to honor him or her. Share pictures on social media with #SUDCAwareness. As you share, we’d love to know why that memorabilia is important to you, how SUDC Awareness has helped you and your city and state so we know how far your Awareness has spread!

Need some SUDC Foundation merchandise? Get yours here today.

This week, please share information on SUDC and the SUDC Foundation with one new person each day! You can download and print a fact sheet here and share any outreach on social media with #SUDCAwareness. Some ideas of who to share with:

  • Your pediatrician, other doctor or general professional (download and print template letters) 
  • A friend 
  • A neighbor 
  • An EMT, paramedic or other first responder 
  • A police or other law enforcement officer
  • A Medical Examiner or Coroner

This week, please perform a "Random Act of Kindness" in memory of a child lost to SUDC. Download and print customizable or general Random Act of Kindness Cards here. Share your stories of kindness on social media in honor of SUDC Awareness Month with #SUDCAwareness.

You can also share the downloadable SUDC Awareness Month Poster with local businesses and ask them to share on their social media! 

In 2 minutes or less, record and post a video on social media of yourself about why SUDC Awareness month is so important to you. Tag with #SUDCAwareness. Please consider discussing these topics: 

  • One way the SUDC Foundation helped me was...
  • One way my interactions with professionals in the aftermath of my child’s death was meaningful is...
  • One way medical professionals could have better supported me is...
  • One thing I wish people knew about SUDC is...
  • How hosting an event in memory of an SUDC child helped me...
  • How has SUDC affected you? 


Not on Social Media??

There are many ways you can still participate! Wherever social media is mentioned above,  email your friends and family, or talk to your neighbors! Post your pictures, videos and experiences in the SUDC email groups. March is all about raising awareness for SUDC and strengthening our community of advocates for the benefit of all children. You can also download our SUDC Awareness Month Poster

Thank you!