SUDC Awareness Month

Welcome to SUDC Awareness Month!

This nationwide effort began in 2016, inspired by Drew Joseph Boswell and the Boswell family. The Boswell family successfully advocated for the first statewide proclamation declaring March 2015 as SUDC Awareness Month in the State of Louisiana and was signed by former Governor Bobby Jindal. 

This year, the SUDC Foundation is expanding its awareness month activities beyond our campaign to have every U.S. state proclaim March as SUDC Awareness month to hosting weekly activities for every SUDC supporter to participate to raise awareness of SUDC and honor the children gone far too soon.

Please Join In Our Efforts!

Below are just some ways you can get involved. If you are on our Facebook and or Twitter, please follow us throughout the month. Each week, the SUDC Foundation’s public Facebook page and Twitter will announce the below activity for that week,  and encourage followers to post pictures in response. We also ask you to use #SUDCAwareness in your social media posts. 

At a Glance:

Our Launch: Thursday March 1st – Frame Yourself for SUDC

We will kick off the month by asking SUDC supporters to add a frame to their Facebook profile picture  for the month of March. A template will be posted for you to download and use. (link coming soon)

Week 1: March 4-10 - “Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve Week” 

Remember your loved one lost to SUDC by wearing your favorite SUDC Foundation or other memorial T-shirt, pin, hat, jewelry or any other memorabilia to honor him or her. Share a picture of yourself on social media with #SUDCAwareness. Need an SUDC Awareness Shirt?  (link coming soon)

Week 2:  March 11-17 -  “Random Acts of Kindness Week” 

This week, we encourage the SUDC Community to perform Random Acts of Kindness in honor of our loved ones.  You will be able to download and print Kindness Cards. (link coming soon) Share your stories of kindness on social media in honor of SUDC Awareness Month with #SUDCAwareness

Week 3:  March 18-24 - “Raising Awareness One Person at a Time Week” 

This week, we encourage SUDC supporters to tell one person or share literature about SUDC and the SUDC Foundation everyday. You can download and print out the Informational page here


Week 4: March 25-31 - “Speak Your SUDC Story Video Week” 

In 2 min or less, record and post a video on social media of yourself about why SUDC Awareness month is so important to you. Include #SUDCAwareness 

Not on Social Media???

There are many ways you can still participate! Wherever social media is mentioned above- email your friends and family, or talk to your neighbors! Post your pictures, videos and experiences in the SUDC email groups. March is all about raising awareness for SUDC and strengthening our community of advocates for the benefit of all children. Thank you!

All Month Long: U.S. State Proclamations:

All 50 U.S. State Proclamation Applications have been submitted! Sit back and relax as we announce the 2018 states HERE. The SUDC Foundation thanks volunteer Christina Grantham for her help in this amazing 2018 effort! Are you a family that lives outside the United States? We need your help! If you would like to have a proclamation in your country, contact your state, province or regional government representative to find out how to proceed.